Coding Superstar: Creating Future-Proof Cloud Technology Luminaries through Comprehensive Trainings

  Afzal Moin,   Founder & CEO

Afzal Moin

Founder & CEO

In the digitally-driven corporate world, marked by faster technological obsolescence, it is extremely unwise to overlook the perks of upskilling. On the one hand, the mantra of ‘adapt or die’ has necessitated businesses, especially IT companies, to onboard individuals who are well-versed in cloud computing and such advanced technologies. On the other hand, upleveling has become imperative for professionals to remain relevant and competitive. While there are many training centers in India that promise to cater to this increasing demand, only a few walk the talk and provide end-to-end support in guiding the participants to reap the best commensurate careers. The finest example of the latter is Coding Superstar - a Bangalore-based technology-oriented EdTech firm. Founded in 2016, Coding Superstar has been proactive in empowering individuals from both IT and non-IT backgrounds to excel in the dynamic tech sector.

Incorporated to make learning experiences easy and fun, Coding Superstar was envisioned by Afzal Moin, who has rich experience in IT with top-notch global firms like Societe Generale. Steered under his leadership, the EdTech firm has carved a niche for providing a comprehensive, customized, and cost-effective range of services and courses. Spanning over 90-100 days, the certification courses are offered online and include basic as well as in-demand tools and specialties, primarily cloud computing and its two flagship programs, Microsoft Azure and AWS. Besides, the company also specializes in training learners
on advanced web development, Salesforce, and GCP, based on demand. With audiences encompassing 70 percent of experienced professionals and 30 percent of freshmen, the EdTech firm possesses a track record of zero operational challenges and the highest course completion and satisfaction rates.

Coding Superstar has deployed multiple learner-centric strategies to leverage hands-on experience. The courses offered are Data Science & Business Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Programming & Frameworks, Software Testing, Databases, Artificial Intelligence, Architect, Salesforce, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Project Management & Methodologies, Mobile App Development, ERP, Robotic Process Automation(RPA), Blockchain, Fron tend Development, Business Process & Design, Project Management and ITIL, and more, and do not require any prerequisites, allowing even non-technical employees to learn a subject from scratch. After every module, the participants are endowed with access to execute complex industry-level projects and assignments under the guidance of mentors.

The training and projects are designed to prepare the freshers to gain the competence level of an employee with 3-5 years of experience. In addition, the EdTech firm also assists job seekers in mastering interviews by offering resume-building sessions and mock interviews while equally stressing boosting their soft skills, especially confidence. “We also refer the learners to the companies whenever the opportunities arrive”, adds Afzal Moin, Founder and CEO. Coding Superstar also provides an additional service in which professionals can get the resources to complete the challenging tasks given by the managers. “Most of the requests come from participants based in other countries who connect every day for 1-2 hours over the span of 3-6 months. We have clients not only in India but also from the US, UK, Australia, Denmark, Singapore, Canada, and many more", states Afzal.

The effectiveness of the courses is further augmented by the prowess of the highly-qualified mentors, who are certified practitioners backed by a minimum of 10-15 years of experience and are actively working for eminent companies. The EdTech firm hires the trainers only after conducting full-fledged background research and ensuring that trainers prioritize the students' best interests. For every course, multiple mentors collaborate to train multiple batches efficiently. Most notably, the online mode of training further enables the company to pull expert mentors from foreign countries, including the US and Singapore. Currently in the process of building courses for longer periods, Coding Superstar aims to introduce more high end programs like multi-cloud DevOps, making the learners experts of all the cloud platforms in a single course. The company is also looking forward to expanding its international audience base, with a major focus on the UK and the US, filling flesh to its objective of creating a learner community to interconnect and exchange knowledge and support.