Coach Suchetaa : Passionately Making a Transformational Impact on People's Lives




It's never easy to be a trendsetter, especially if you've been conditioned to opt for conventional careers. The latent ability to identify the necessity for a sought after service, as well as the grit and tenacity to start and run a business, is something that many of us shy away from. There are, however, women who have chosen to leave their comfort zones and forego secure corporate professions in order to create a successful business that has provided them with the independence and fulfilment in job that we all desperately seek.

Coach Suchetaa is one such visionary life coach who has chartered unknown grounds unabashedly and passionately against all odds. Coach Suchetaa holds a BTech from IIT and has spent a decade working in various positions with leading MNCs in India and abroad. Having come from IIT and worked in IT for almost a decade, she realized she couldn't see herself doing this profession for the rest of her life, but she didn't know what her calling was. That's when she was introduced to transformational work in one of the programs, and she instantly got connected with how a powerful conversation can make such a profound difference to people.

When Coach Suchetaa decided to follow her passion and become a coach, along with employment at MNCs, she attended numerous seminars, workshops both in India and abroad, read umpteen number of books, documentation, coach's case studies,
assisted with life coaches and organizations, and coached people for free for years to gain the experience and expertise to start Life Coaching on her own because she believes in total immersion and indepth knowledge about anything she does. She started with just one personal assistant and word of mouth referrals. Having said that, it wasn’t an easy journey for Coach Sucheta she came from a middle class family, had loans, was responsible for her elderly parents, and had to leave a high paying career to start something no one had heard of. Relationship Coach was not a wellknown term in India at the time. Aside from the typical startup stumbling blocks, every day at work was a battle tobe won. But it was her emphasis on result oriented coaching that made her thrive she wasn't simply there to listen, empathize, and make people feel good; she was there to help them obtain the result they came to her for. “From the beginning to the present, my team and I have had only one focus, if we take up a case we got to give them the result they want” signifies Coach Suchetaa.

Coach Suchetaa has coached more than 10000 people from all walks of life

Coach Suchetaa adds “People found me more approachable because I came from IIT, had corporate world experience, had travelled to different countries for work, was married, had a kid, and had lived a full circle of life myself. People who reach out to us are looking for a solution, someone who can help them get there where they can’t go on their own, and we deliver results. I believe in results, be it relationships, business, career, or life.” Till date, Coach Sucheta a has coached more than 10000 people from all walks of life ranging from top MNC executives and directors to budding entrepreneurs single mothers, freshers, housewives, young adults, and teenagers. She has assisted clients in restoring marriages, healing from traumatic pasts, dealing with marital issues, coming out of suicidal thoughts and reliving life with new hopes and desires, moving from no job to confidently cracking multiple interviews, effective team management, starting a new venture from scratch,and the list goes on. Though she says her forte is Relationship Coaching.

“My coaching is built on the foundation of establishing a powerful relationship in all aspects of one's life. I believe that no matter how wealthy, successful, or famous we are, if we don't have somebody to share our achievement with, it loses its meaning. People who know how to form rewarding andresourceful relationships can thrive in any field, including job, career progression, business, marriage, social life, friends, and family. I believe each and every human being has a champion inside them ready to make a mark in the world, what they need is 1% change in angle of your bat that can take them from being clean bowled to hitting a full toss.” concludes Coach Suchetaa.