Skyline CRS: Promoting Ethical Research and High-end Clinical Research Education

Milind Meshram,,Director-CRO Operation

Milind Meshram,

Director-CRO Operation

India has become a hub for clinical research. Today the demand for clinical researchers has increased at a rapid rate. Therefore seeking a career in the field has also become a smart choice. Due to the rapid growth of the industry, multinationals from India and other countries are willing to spend more in this field. The prevalence of a large variety of diseases in the country is one of the major reasons why clinical research is so important in India. Clinical trials have become the next big thing in India as it is an essential component of the drug discovery and development program to which India is committed. The only way to evaluate a new medicine is by doing high-quality clinical trials. Skyline CRS is one of the most reputed institute of Clinical Research that promote ethical research and high-quality clinical research education in the country.

Skyline CRS mainly has two verticals-clinical research education and SMO services (Site Management services). SKYLINE CRS offers a variety of programs and sessions that address the need for qualified and trained clinical researchers. To meet the needs of the clinical research industry in India, the institute is offering an effective platform that can train and prepare potential aspirants from all over the country. The importance of clinical trials in the healthcare industry, especially in a country like India is quite well-known. To create awareness about clinical
trials, the institute of Clinical Research has introduced certain courses that will be highly beneficial for both the professionals as well as the Clinical Research Industry. Coming to its SMO services, the brand provides services in all related spheres to support the clients’ clinical trial processes. It helps them streamline their activities and extend their geographic coverage to capitalize their products smoothly and effectively in the market.

‘SKYLINE CRS provide an independent global framework for international education, training and exchange of information for Clinical Research Professionals and to foster professional excellence in design and execution of clinical research, thereby contributing to enhancing the Clinical Research culture in India’, says Milind Meshram Director-CRO Operation, Skyline CRS.

To meet the needs of the clinical research industry in India, the institute is offering an effective platform that can train and prepare potential aspirants from all over the country

Every industry needs trained manpower. With 12 major centres in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur etc, Skyline CRS is giving PG diploma in clinical research and an advanced diploma in clinical research to graduates from Pharmaceuticals, license or medical and paramedical backgrounds. The institute of Clinical Research mainly offers certifications, diplomas and management training programs for six months to one year. Established in 2009, Skyline CRS has successfully placed nearly 800 plus students in the clinical research industry. People trained from the institute of Clinical Research can have a successful career as a clinical research coordinator, clinical research associate, clinical data manager, clinical data analyst, pharma covigilance, drug safety associate, medical content writer, medical data reviewer and regulatory professional. Therefore the probability of getting success in this field is quite high.

‘We are committed to quality, speed, value and integrity. We are endeavouring to empower our students with rigorous knowledge and hands-on practical training of Clinical Research’, he adds.

The best part is all the trials that are performed are scientifically sound and clearly described. Trials are conducted ethically to protect the rights, safety and well-being of patients. In the upcoming five years, Skyline CRS is looking forward to collaborating with reliable partners and establishing 100 centres across the country.