Klintec Academy: A Catalyst Between Industry & Talent

Nipa Doshi,CEOAny new drug, medical device, or treatment regime generally goes through four phases of clinical research trials to ensure maximum safety and efficacy. In recent times, India has become a preferred destination for clinical research trials given its large population with varied ailments, adequately qualified, native English speaking medical/para medical professionals, conducive policy environment, cost advantages and, related. While evolving, the existing infrastructure for healthcare and medication still finds it challenging to meet the requirements of effective, ‘affordable’ healthcare. And one of the key challenges being faced is the ’industry readiness’ of the available talent pool.

“Klintec Academy, an endeavour of Clinical Research professionals with more than 110 years of cumulative industry experience, exists for this reason; educating & empowering talent to be ‘industry ready’ to contribute to the Clinical Research industry and ‘affordable medication & healthcare”. said Ms. Nipa Desai. And, to ensure the education provided is relevant, locally & globally, academic content is sourced from and vetted by international institutions of repute.

Content from MSGERC(Mycoses Study Group, Education & Research Centre) and
accreditation from ACCRE (Accreditation Council for Clinical Research & Education), USA, ensures students have a competitive edge and ability to hit the ground running.

Thriving to be at the Forefront
The clinical research industry is around 12~14 years old in India. However, due to multiple challenges, its growth was handicapped and inconsistent until recently. As a result, its credibility and interest amongst key stakeholders were limited despite the huge potential it offered, not to mention the criticality of its contribution to ‘affordable’ healthcare in India. In the past 5~7 years, however, the government has given the industry much-needed support and boost, manifesting in the 12% p.a. y-o-y growth and increased involvement of global CR institutions.

Klintec Academy sees huge potential for growth in the Indian market. Its founding philosophy is to engage students through top quality, contemporary & meaningful education. This will create ‘industry-ready’ professionals who will contribute significantly to the Indian Clinical Research industry.

Klintec Academy wants to establish itself as a credible brand that creates a healthy pipeline of competent, ‘industry ready’ talent

Adding Value to Students’ Career
With the pandemic having changed the fundamental norms for most educational institutions, Klintec Academy has proactively changed the delivery mechanisms for its academic courses, from classroom teaching to online content delivery, to suit students’ learning requirements. It offers Web lectures, self study modules, and Online projects across its varied course offerings three-month Short Terms programs in Clinical Research, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Writing, Quality Assurance, etc. Six month intermediate programs in Clinical Research and Pharmaco vigilance and an Advanced 11-month program in Clinical Research are the academic offerings from Klintec Academy. Internship opportunities and ‘assured placement’ are also offered depending on the courses undertaken.

Klintec Academy has set high benchmarks for quality education as it wants to contribute to the clinical research industry in India and provide sustainable career growth to its students. It aims to give its students a competitive edge to help fastrack their professional careers.