Brudite: Empowering Tomorrow's Tech Leaders through Practical Learning & Industry-Relevant Curriculum

Rishabh Tiwari,  Co-Founder

Rishabh Tiwari


In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, where devops plays a pivotal role in software development and deployment, institutions like Brudite are making significant strides in enhancing the quality of devops training in India. Brudite's commitment to providing education extends beyond conventional methods, focusing on practical exposure and personalized learning experiences. “Founded in 2019 by a group of individuals passionate about bridging the gap in quality education, Brudite emerged as a response to the practical knowledge deficit observed in lower-tier colleges. The focus on involving students in real world projects, inspired by Benjamin Franklin's philosophy, sets Brudite apart in its commitment to creating lifelong learners”, states Rishabh Tiwari, Co-founder, Brudite. The company recognizes the disparity in practical knowledge between students from top-tier and lower-tier colleges. To address this, Brudite adopts a unique approach, starting with foundational concepts and progressively advancing through various technologies, tools, and devops practices. Also, weekly tests help identify weak areas, allowing tailored learning experiences for each student.

Revolutionizing Devops Training in India
The syllabus at Brudite covers a wide array of topics, from foundational programming to advanced devops tools. What sets it apart is the erudite program, a fourth level emphasizing attitude development. Here, students not only master technical skills but
also learn professional communication, teamwork, and a mindset of continuous learning. Additionally, Brudite integrates artificial intelligence into its training methodology, with a proprietary AI product that tracks individual progress. By assessing attendance, timesheets, marks, and assignments, the AI system provides personalized insights. This data-driven approach helps students identify and focus on their weaker areas, creating a dynamic and adaptive learning environment.

Moreover, to obtain this comprehensive devops course, Brudite has eligibility criteria that involve a two step interview process to gauge both technical knowledge and a candidate's attitude toward learning. The flagship three-month internship program covers a spectrum of topics, ranging from programming languages to devops tools, ensuring a holistic understanding of the devops domain. Professional training, including portfolio management and teamwork dynamics, is also part of the program. Furthermore, the hands-on, project-based approach at Brudite ensures that students are not just theoretical experts but gain practical experience in real-world scenarios.

Projects are carefully crafted to address current industry challenges, incorporating agile methodologies and ensuring that students are well-prepared for the demands of the job market. “We distinguish ourselves with our trainers' four to five years of software industry experience. These experts contribute real-world insights and current expertise to training sessions. It ensures that students learn theories and the newest industry trends and technologies”, states Rishabh.

That’s why, the success stories at Brudite are numerous, with recent batches achieving a high placement rate. One notable initiative is the buddy program, providing underprivileged but talented individuals the opportunity to learn and secure jobs without financial constraints. This inclusivity-driven approach reflects Brudite's commitment to making quality education accessible. “We have established collaborations with companies to provide placement opportunities for our students. While these collaborations offer avenues for placements, Brudite prides itself on students securing positions based on their efforts and skills”, adds Rishabh.

Therefore, looking ahead, Brudite aims to make its AI product open source, revolutionizing the training industry. This innovative tool will empower learners by providing personalized feedback, ushering in a new era of interactive and student-centric education. Brudite's commitment to practical learning, industry-relevant curriculum, and focus on individual development sets it apart in the realm of devops training in India. As technology continues to advance, institutions like Brudite play a crucial role in shaping the tech leaders of tomorrow.