Brain Excel: Addressing the Growing Demand of Career Guidance & Coaching to Create Future Leaders

  Dr. Rajesh Gupta,    Founder Career counselling is often viewed as just ‘another’ job by many, because of which, the depth of the same remain misconstrued. However, this profession entails much more. Career counselling is the art of delving deep into psychology, helping clients find the focus to make something meaningful of the ‘choices’ they make. Chandigarh-based Brain Excel under the supervision of Dr. Rajesh well-understands this and hence, works towards the same with the help of Harvard Univercity Research test known as Cognitive Aptitude test.

Dr. Rajesh has 40+ years of experience in human resource development, psychology, counselling and training. He has been awarded the Best in Counselling and Psychotherapy Award 2021, Best Positive Life Coach 2021, Firebox Best Counsellor and Psychotherapist Award, Award of Honour by Bharat Vikas Parishad and has been appreciated by many Schools and Colleges. Rajesh established the company, Brain Excel in 2017. “We at Brain Excel offer both experience and credentials to meet the growing demand for Valuation and Corporate advisory services", says Dr. Rajesh.

Over a brief period,the company has already started making a difference to such discerning clients. The team at Brain Excel first understands the competency of each of their client and accordingly, then create a career roadmap for them. “We analyze their strengths, IQ, focus, confidence level and mark them against set percentages to ensure
our counsel delivers the best outcome for them" adds Dr. Rajesh.

Brain Excel since its foundation has been renowned for its career coaching services. The service they provide are further clubbed into three, which are 6th to 12th class, graduation, post graduation consultancy and parenting coaching. The company besides counselling the students also spends time understanding their parents in getting to the roots of personality issue which according to Dr. Rajesh plays a major part in the formation years of the child. The focus is on the overall development of every client with a special focus on inner personal grooming.

The team at Brain Excel first understand the competency of each of their client and accordingly, then create a career roadmap for them

Promising a Blend of Counselling and Psycho-Analysis
Brain Excel is ISO Certified, with each of its services at Brain Excel are Certified by American Merit Council. The company extensively uses Psychometrics that help in guiding students to the right fit in their career goals. “We are a group of passionate educationists and coaches who share a common vision of counselling, coaching, mentoring and guiding people towards their career success. We hold a collective experience of 250 years", says Dr. Rajesh.

The company’s approach to Career Counselling & Capability Building is a unique blend of ‘Experiential Learning and Joy of Learning’ in all its programs. The programs are designed on in-depth research and aimed to deliver a 'Life-changing experience' for all the participants. The use of psychometrics, interactive games, and innovative training methodologies help in making a dent in the students’ psyche and transform them.

Brain Excel follows the 3M method. The 3Ms are Measure, Mentor, and Master. Through these unique blends, Brain Excel counsels, coach, mentors and guide Career aspirants towards their success. Facilitators with decades of rich invaluable industry experience bring about genuine transformation in the student’s mindset and prepare them to face the campus drive at Brain Excel.

“We have got more than 1100 5-star ratings. Each and every customer is important to us and we hope to continually deliver the best to help each of our clients" says Dr. Rajesh. The company aims to be the Gold Standard in the area of Career Guidance and touch at least 1,000,000 lives in the next five years, by propelling them to professional heights.