Spryntas: Training Project Management Leaders of Tomorrow with Utmost Commitment

As per the recent PMI report, India is en route to emerge as the fastest growing country for project management oriented employment. Since the demand for new project managers is nearly70 lakhs, Project Management Profession is likely to outperform the total global job growth by creating multifarious new opportunities with highly competitive yet lucrative pay scale. Therefore, every next fellow is in search for stellar institutes to whitecollar PMP competence. This hunt certainly ends at Spryntas, a world class PMP training provider and expert in edifying dexterous professionals for project management. Ensconced in 2014, this Chennai based company integrates industry leaders’ skills with its strategies to deliver effective results braced with real life experiences and industry interface, signifi cantly impacting participant’s career, leadership and communication skills. “We handpick coaches who are industry practitioners and PMP certified, have internal and cross cultural experience, and encompass passion & skill to share knowledge within the formal classroom setup a provision unique to Spryntas,” professes Jeen Christina, Vice President, Spryntas.

Certified Offerings
Provided that PMP certification is must to win over business goals, Spryntas proffers PMP training sessions in a formal, classroom, interactive and instructorled environment that includes uncut coverage of PMBOK, case studies, simulations, post morterm of project failures and group activi
ties. Additional mock tests, knowledge wise questions and review sessions post mock test help bridge the gap between conceptual under standing and participant’s learning. Core to enhance leadership skills, Spryntas’ pedagogy is executed in a global environment. Jeen adds, “The training ends with a practical project activity with simulation of time, cost, scope, issues, conflicts and challenges”. Apart from PMP training, the company also offers value added courses like Agile certification, cross cultural training, CxO training and Capm certification to colleges to make young minds ready for corporate work place.

We handpick coaches who are industry practitioners and PMP certified, have internal and cross cultural experience, and encompass passion & skill to share knowledge

Despite keen interest to qualify heavily taxing international certifications, participant’s round the clock work schedule occupies prolific time and energy that eventually stone walls such ambitions. After much analysis, Spryntas unfolded mitigation solutions including a methodological exam approach where in the participant can start the process by registering with PMI. Sharing of success stories,
lesson revisions, video and conference calls, and social media usage assists in learning and practicing, a stratagem not limited to bookish knowledge and accentuating leadership skills.

The Best in Preparation
Adhering to PMI principles while conducting training, Spryntas follows formal class hours and provide participation certificate in accordance. Since industry professionals produce no objection certificate for sharing the project management knowledge with participants, the conflict of organizational interest is completely off the table. Moreover the company understands that 40 hour classroom training for a 15-year experienced professional is a heavy dose. Hence use of videos and social media group activities is leveraged for training purposes. Study material is made available online for students to access information anywhere, anytime while the experts help PMP aspirants in preparing for PMI application, hence winning half the battle.

Also a provider of diversified IT solutions, Spryntas adopts standard ITIL framework for IT service management and also deploys flexibility while serving multiple corporate needs. “As project management profession is showing considerable growth, we are geared up to execute our expertise within the industry scaffold by understanding the training need of corporate world. Our customers are the reason for our existence, apart from our values,” concludes Jeen.