Ambition Mantra: Crafting Personalized Roadmaps For Success!

Ajay Ramakrishnan,  FounderThe 21st century is an age of opportunity. Never before, have there been so many opportunities to create a profound impact on the world. At the same time, the world is more complex and interconnected than ever, and emerging challenges are much more dynamic. To meet these challenges, the world needs leaders who are ambitious visionaries, adaptable and able to navigate the ever-changing landscape, by identifying, matching, and applying their strengths to careers and the future of work. The importance of career guidance cannot be overstated. A good career guidance mentor can help you find the right career path based on your unique skills and interests.

Founded by Colonel Ajay Ramakrishnan, a gallantry awardee & a soldier, Ambition Mantra is an organization on a mission to transform and evolve humanity. Ambition Mantra works closely with individuals to help them identify their passions and craft a vision for their future. Ambition Mantra can help you take the next step irrespective of where you are in your career. Their programs are carefully crafted to help one take control of their career and create a roadmap for success. Through workshops, individual & transformational coaching, online programs, and networking opportunities, one will develop the skills and confidence that are critical to take on the world's challenges and be the next generation of leaders or to evolve as a 21st century leader.

The organization consists of three platforms. Each platform contains 100 percent original content crafted by Colonel Ajay Ramakrishnan from the vast experience of coaching several CEOs, Directors, and Top Executives and by collating as well as analysing, the major challenges they are facing. Leadership Mantra is about how one
can evolve as a 21st-century leader, developing a sniper focus and battle burnout. The Ambition Mantra platform consists of two courses namely Career Clarity Blueprint and Career Clarity Mantra. The former is for ambitious students who need a clear vision and strategy to kick start their careers. The latter is an ultra modern psychometrics evaluation platform that showcases the strengths and weaknesses of an individual. It connects one to career choices, personal discoveries, and a future that manifests their dreams into reality. Lastly, Success Mantra helps individuals manage their time, and operate optimally, creating belief systems and work-life balance with IKEGAI principles.

The Colonel weighs on the need to highlight the extremely challenging times we are in right now and to work on ourselves to thrive in these times. He further adds, "We are in an age of exponential rates of change. To deal with these exponential rates of change, we need to change the way we think and the way we approach a lot of things”.

Ambition Mantra Is An Organization On A Mission To Transform And Evolve Humanity

Colonel Ajay spends at least an hour a day on self-development and takes inspiration from some of the greatest authors and motivational speakers, such as Dale Carnegie, John Mattone, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Anthony Robbins, and Brian Tracy.Following these personalities and continuously upskilling himself by personal development, learning and achieving world class certifications from the International Coach Federation, Marshall Goldsmith, Daniel Goleman, Dr. Richard Bandler, amongst others, has helped him become the world class Career & Leadership Coach and Master Mentor he is today. The Colonel also explains how having clients from different fields has helped him in his journey. "I have a broad spectrum of coaching clients. They are from IT, manufacturing, pharma, banking, FMCG, government and public sector, and the military. So, my interactions with them give me access to another level of learning”, shares Colonel Ajay Ramakrishnan, Founder, Ambition Mantra.

Ambition Mantra is in talks to bring in a core set of coaches who are individuals with a philosophy of service at their core and is determined to transform the careers of 10 percent of India at the very least. We need you to be the best version of yourself to evolve and to thrive!