Aviation Connect: Nurturing & Grooming Aviation Aspirants with Industry-Relevant Commercial Skills

In aviation industry, communication is of essential importance. Recent research showed that nearly half of the problem cases in a sample of nearly 200 pilots were related to interpersonal factors, not technical performance. For instance, in the Kegworth B-737 incident, cabin crew were aware of an engine problem, but failed to inform the cockpit crew, who shut-down the other engine which lead to a fatal crash. The need of the hour is to impart candidates aspiring to join aviation industry with interpersonal skills besides other skills.

Aviation Connect is the master in imparting interpersonal communication skills and produces trainees with pleasant personalities, ensuring their professionalism & confidence will make traveler’s journey illustrious, as well as theirs. “We facilitate candidates in developing the personality traits (positive attitude, anger management, empathy, perception, motivation, and more) required to work in a professional environment,” says Nikhil Biswas, Founder, Aviation Connect.

Comprehensive Commercial Training

Designed by the industry experts, Aviation Connect’s tailor-made courses are known for their subject matter, flexibility in duration, and the value they add to a student’s future prospects. The institute offers Aviation Connect Basic Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Services (ACBDAHS, two months), Aviation Connect Advance Diploma in Aviation & Hospitality Services (ACADAHS, six months), & Aviation Connect Diploma in Aviation & Hospitality Services (ACDAHS, one year) courses.
Nikhil Biswas,Founder

Aviation Connect is the master in imparting interpersonal communication skills and produces trainees with pleasant personalities

Themes covered in each course range from communication skills and personality development to efficiently handling different types of customers. Upon the successful completion of courses, candidates are bestowed with certificates showing their achievements. This exhaustive & industry-relevant commercial training facilitates aviation career aspirants to groom, nurture, and shine in the aviation sector.

The courses are taught by well-trained and highly-qualified instructors who have worked in the aviation sector for many years. In fact, Nikhil has worked with prominent airlines like Indigo Airlines, Air India SATS, Kenya Airways, and Singapore Airlines for more than five years.
It is this experience & vast knowledge that helps Aviation Connect to guide the candidates perfectly, thereby enabling them to blossom in their careers. Ensuring that the candidates get maximum benefit from courses, individual attention to all the candidates and with state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technologies like the use of live projectors, while teaching, the candidates understand each nuance of the aviation industry.

Remarkable Placement Support

The institute also offers 100 percent placement assistance, wherein candidates are being offered jobs only in the aviation industry, unlike other training institutes who don’t offer jobs in the niche industry. In fact, Aviation Connect has successfully placed its skilled candidates as cabin crew, airport ground staff, and customer service executives for various domestic & international airlines that include Malaysia Airlines, Spicejet, Air India, Air Asia, IndiGo and more, and for air caterers like Taj Sats, Oberoi flight services and others.

This 2016-founded training institute located in Kolkata shares the vision of becoming one of the best aviation training institutes in India and is accelerating towards it. “With aviation emerging as a glamorous and booming sector, we train our students properly and impart them with industry-relevant commercial skills, and make them prepared to cater the sector without any hassle,” concludes Nikhil.