AhaGuru: Imparting Scrupulous Education With Conceptual And Experiment Based Learning For IIT-JEE

Dr. Balaji Sampath,Founder & CEO

Dr. Balaji Sampath

Founder & CEO

India is a hub of coaching centers. The last decade has seen the exponential growth of coaching centers that help students clear competitive examinations. Though this growth has particularly been beneficial for the institutes, it has hampered for many students the ability to learn. The reason being that the sole focus in these institutes is on clearing the examination and not on ‘learning’. Chennai based, AhaGuru has been working to change this dynamic. “Our main objective has been getting children to really enjoy the process of learning science and math, clearing examinations is the by product,” says Dr. Balaji Sampath, Founder & CEO of AhaGuru.Founded in 2012, is an online coaching pioneer, providing training courses entirely online. From IIT-JEE, NEET to CBSE, AhaGuru covers Physics, Chemistry, and Math courses for classes 7 to 12.

Students report that the “amazing concept clarity” they get at AhaGuru transforms the way they look at science and maths. The unique techniques developed by its expert professors make problem solving so easy that students are able to solve even hard problems mentally. Apart from online support, this center has four onground fully functional classroom centers in Chennai, India. It is equipped with resources to keep the learning going for children. Maintaining quality online and offline, AhaGuru regularly works towards building an experience to provide simplified solutions to complicated problems. Additionally, with its mentor program, the coaching center provides
students with a personal mentor to track their progress and clear their doubts about a subject. “Our core mission is to simplify learning for school children and improve how Science and Mathematics are taught across India,” adds Dr. Balaji. Focusing on conceptual learning through experiments, at AhaGuru, every topic is made interesting by expert teachers who work towards making learning fun and easy.

AhaGuru’s approach is highly research focused, and this, according to Dr. Balaji is the USP of his coaching center. The faculty at AhaGuru invest their time in understanding the challenges that are faced by the students. The team is continually involved in inventing techniques using tables, visuals and animations so students enjoy the process of learning. Dr. Balaji strongly believes that by giving the students techniques, they help them understand the roots of a problem, thus helping them learn the ins and outs of Science and Maths.

Gomathi Dhamodharan, Co-Founder & CEO
Many of the alumni at AhaGuru are today successful world renowned mathematicians and physicists. Appreciating the learnings from Ahaguru, Uma Girish, Gold medalist from CMI said, “the amount of thought put into the online course is astounding! AhaGuru gave me the thrill of discovering the depth of each concept. Their problem-solving techniques are, of course, legend! Every single question and video solution in the course was aimed at building my understanding. The strong fundamentals helped me tackle complicated problems with confidence and joy, rather than fear and apprehension.”

AhaGuru, over the years, has not only focused on helping its students clear the examinations but helping them understand the ‘concept’, answering the ‘Whys’ and ‘Hows’. Every teacher and mentor also ensures that they help develop the confidence in students by instilling in them the grassroots knowledge of every problem. Currently, the team at AhaGuru is expanding itself and venturing into the arena of school curriculum besides focusing on curriculums for competitive examinations. “We are also working on ‘specific pinpointing of gaps’ and have built a tool based on a machine learning engine which helps us identify the exact challenges a student is facing. This, I believe will make the process of students learning much more focused,” concludes Dr. Balaji.