Wow Kids: Borne Out of the Passion for Children

Atul Tyagi and Preeti Tyagi,,Founders
Atul Tyagi and Preeti Tyagi
Preschool education is the need of the hour. With most parents working to be financially stable, they do not have quality time to spend with their children. Most of the babies are left at home with their grandparents or caretakers who are not able to guide them the way they should be. This is when a preschool comes to aid. Pre Schools are not a place to look for mastery in academic curriculum instead it is a place where the budding kids do all kinds of activities that are appealing to them and teaches them in a special way. Understanding a child’s emotional, social, personal growth and development, Atul Tyagi and his wife Preeti Tyagi established Wow Kids with a vision to provide a serene environment conducive for quality learning. “It all started when we were blessed with twins. As they turned two or three, we started looking around for a preschool that would best fit our kids. It was not so encouraging to see all the preschools which failed to meet all the parameters that we were seeking for. We were looking for a preschool which would be economical in nature as we had to enroll two kids at a time.
While good preschools were overpriced, the less economical ones were not good in quality. This is when the idea of establishing Wow Kids was born,” says Preeti Tyagi, Co-Founder, Wow Kids.

Established in the year 2014, Wow Kids is an American Concept preschool born out of passion for children offering a high quality curriculum. Wow Kids counts on Montessori and Sensorial based learning believing in self-directed learning daily, weekly and monthly activities along with discovery projects. “The entire curriculum is designed in such a way where the child actually learns while they are playing. So, for them it’s actual a playtime because our curriculum is based on Montessori methodology as whatsoever Montessori toy we provide them, the child does not realize that they are actually developing a skill. This involvement naturally exposes the children to various skills which supports their on-going social-emotional, physical, language and cognitive development as they are repeating the activity 5 days in a week and continuing for 20-21 working days for a period of nine to ten months. We really make our kids wow with the creative experiences as WoW means a winner to us. Our kids are nurtured in such a way that it remains as a long-standing experience for them,” adds Atul Tyagi, Co-Founder, Wow Kids.

Wow Kids program of study is based on experiential learning and is geared towards the building of virtues and potentials in children.

The curriculum is tailored towards producing a total child in cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains. Wow Kids takes cognizance of language acquisition and learning through problem solving. Children are encouraged to interact and cooperate with one another in their learning process. The curriculum is operated by teachers who are dynamic, versatile and are exposed to continuous training and research in notable institutions that train teachers in different countries. Further, Wow Kids curriculum has been designed to meet the needs of the pre-primary children entering a wide range of schools and educational systems, both within India (ICSE, CBSE and NIOS)and Abroad (IGCSE and IB).

Wow Kids’ quality service and hard work has lead them to gain popularity not only in the locality but also nationwide across17 states including Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala and Rajasthan. In Hyderabad, Wow Kids has branches in Ashok Nagar, Moula Ali, Suncity and Miyapur. With a positive outlook the firm aspires to spread its wing across the entire country. “The contemporary education is a costly affair to deal with. This is the only reason we want to inflate our expansion across the country so that kids of various economic segment of our country get quality based education service during their crucial period of early development,” concludes Atul.