Wizkidz Academy: Nurturing Young Minds for the Future Prospects

Gaurav Verma,  Founder,   Shilpi Verma, Director

Gaurav Verma, Founder

Shilpi Verma, Director

Albert Einstein rightly stated, ‘Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school’, and preschool education is crucial in this regard. Preprimary education is essential for all children. One might think of preschool as an optional bonus for kids before they enter the ‘real’ school system. But there are undeniable benefits of preschool that parents should consider. Early childhood is considered to be the most important phase of development. Healthy early child development which includes physical, social/emotional, and linguistic/cognitive development (each equally important), strongly affects mental and physical health, literacy and numeracy skills, and life success.

Wizkidz Academy is a Pre-School with a unique blend of Montessori and Multiple Intelligences Concepts, as an authorized Nursery Teachers’ Training Center. The academy focuses on total child development and believes that learning should create intrigue and excitement throughout a child’s vital developmental stage. Above all, it should be enjoyable and presented to bring out the child’s own individuality.

Wizkidz Academy aims to promote a positive and confident mindset in children at a young age by fostering their individuality and enhancing their unique abilities and interests in learning, while also instilling a sense of appreciation and respect for cultural diversity. Wizkidz Academy’s founders and partners are forward-thinking leaders who believe in preparing children for the future. They aim at total personality development, leadership skills, and emotional growth of the child by harnessing the five basic skills of language, physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development, leading to positive attitudes and critical thinking.

“Many new concepts have emerged today, such as artificial intelligence, but we continue to advocate the concept of paper, pen, and
books for children, where everything is planned out by the teachers. Even during the hard times of COVID, we organized the systems very successfully, arranging every other activity, including hosting the sports day online which was a new thing for the team”, says Gaurav Verma, Founder.

Wizkidz Academy aims to promote a positive and confident mindset in children at a young age by fostering their individuality & enhancing their unique abilities

The Wizkidz Academy began at a low level in a basic middleclass household with little financial backup in 2013. The school was not founded as an entrepreneurial job venture, but with the thought that it might offer and do justice to society, particularly by clearing many misconceptions amongst upcoming parents. The institution began as NTT and enrolled well-educated women, who had established their families, and was looking for a fresh start. These women were ecstatic since they were restarting their lives and careers. The institution fully prepared them to be good teachers morally, ethically, and professionally. And when the institution began with the preschool, it guaranteed that this knowledge and education was conveyed very genuinely to the students.

Beginning this year, Wizkidz Academy is proceeding with the expansion with a lot of dedication. The institution is planning to slowly expand further in tier two, three, and other selective cities. Since the institution is very careful and is looking forward to expanding, Wizkidz Academy wants to be affiliated with people who understand this specific field and want to work with them to expand this preschool education system, rather than with everybody and anybody. The institution intends to proceed with teacher training in every aspect because it is one of its most crucial aspects of it. “Simultaneously with preschool, we provide good teachers training for students since good people must be trained to be teachers. So I believe there is a societal requirement for this”, concludes Shilpa Verma Director at Wizkidz Academy.