Chitkara Business School: Striving to be a Change-Bringer in the Indian Business Education Space

Dr. Madhu Chitkara,Pro Chancellor, Chitkara University, Punjab & HP

Dr. Madhu Chitkara

Pro Chancellor, Chitkara University, Punjab & HP

About Chitkara Business School
Chitkara Business School is constituent institution of Chitkara University, Punjab. Chitkara Business School started its functioning in 2011. Ranked among top 100 B-Schools of India by NIRF rankings from MHRD and top 70 B-Schools of India by Business World, India Today, Business Today, Outlook, Academic Insight and several other magazines, Chitkara Business School has carved its niche in business management education category.

We offer MBA programs in 15 different specializations namely Marketing, Finance & Banking, Investment Banking, Financial Markets, General Management, HR, Business Analytics, Event, Media and Entertainment Management, Healthchare Management, Healthcare IT, Public Health, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Sales & Marketing, BFSI and Pharmaceutical management. We offer BBA programs in Fintech, Business Analytics and other specializations such as Retail, SCM and Logistics, Digital Marketing etc..

We also offer four years B.Com in association with University of Windsor, Canada, three years B.Com (Hons) programs with specialization in Capital Markets, International Finance and Accounting and Cost & Management Accounting in partnership KPMG, ACCA and CMA. Our three year BBA program offers variety of choices in fintech, business analytics, supply chain management and Retail management. BA (Economics) is recently added program in the bouquet of undergraduate programs at Chitkara Business School. Chitkara Business School is also offering Ph.D. programs for Industry Executives through its Doctoral Research Center.

Uniqueness of CBS programs- Industry partnerships
Our programs at Chitkara Business School are driven by Industry. Harvard Business School Online for professional courses, Ernst & Young for Business Analytics, Fortis for Healthcare Management, Safexpress from SCM and Logistics, Bombay Stock Exchange for Financial Markets, Frost & Sullivan for Healthcare IT, KPMG for our Accounting programs, and Imagine XP for Fintech programs, 3AI Analytics Association for Data science and analytics mentoring program, ALPHABETA for fintech programs, Teachbox for Mortgage and Commercial Credit special programs are some examples of strong partners across the segments. These partnerships are not restricted to agreement papers. Our partners help us developing curriculum as per latest industry requirements, provide skill-based training to our students, Co-teach with Faculty in the class room, strong internship networks and live projects make our business programs unique, hands on and useful for young aspirants.

- Our strong faculty
With strong and dedicated faculty strength of nearly 100 researchers, practitioners and academic brains in the areas of strategy, finance, HR, marketing, analytics, rural management, financial markets and healthcare management, our Chitkara Business School is capable to provide best of learning experience to business students. All the faculty members have working experience, all of them are researchers and consulting various organizations in the region. Besides this, there is a strong visiting and adjunct faculty of approx.. 50 professionals those who support learning and with more practical insights and exercises. At the same time, we focus on developing and incentivizing our business faculty in their domains.

Many of our faculty colleagues teach overseas with our international partner universities. Many of them are core researchers and innovators attached to CURIN (Chitkara University Research and Innovation) and Centre of Entrepreneurship Education Development at Chitkara University
to support Start Up efforts of their students. Our University has filed more than 200 patents and more than 100 start ups are active. Our faculty members are also mentoring special entrepreneurship batch of CAP (CEED Accelerator Program) in which students of all disciplines are taken to next level of entrepreneurship in the last year of their degree program.

- Latest & Rigorous Curriculum
Curriculum acts as fuel of the complete system. Our curriculum of various business programs comes from Industry. We have several academic bodies in place to identify the changing needs of industry and update the curriculum as per requirements. Power BI, Data Analytics tools, Digital Marketing, Fintech, Sales & Retail Marketing, Healthcare IT, Rural Management, Event, Media and Entertainment Management, Accounting for Managers with KPMG, F&A process by EY, Financial statement analysis by Moody's, are few among the many examples to quote for business programs of Chitkara Business School. Curriculum incudes winter internship of one month with NGOs/small units of industry and 3 months of rigorous summer internship to keep the programs hands on at MBA level. BBA/B.Com programs have internships at every semester end.

Other than curriculum, we offer strong foundation program in the beginning of the business programs every year which covers the affirmative skills required for the students. For communication, we teach English language skills through INLINGUA. Students have opportunity to learn German, Mandarin, and French on campus in addition to English through our School of Languages. Market Exposure Program at Mumbai, International Immersion program and industry projects keep our students ahead of latest skill requirements by industry. Recently we signed agreements with University of Windsor for joint B.Com program, University of Wisconsin Parkside, USA for 1+1 MBA program and Providence University, Taiwan for Global MBA program for our CBS students. The curriculum is strongly based on international standards and jointly developed.

- Career Advancement Services
We strongly believe in Outcome Based Education. For MBA programs at Chitkara Business School, the outcome is either to get a job or to establish a start up for providing jobs. Best of the companies from several industry segments offer lucrative job opportunities to our MBA students on campus every year. Companies such as Siemens, Deloitte, EY, Pwcm Evalueserve, eClerx, HDFC Bank, Moody's, CIAN, TIAA, Wipro, Trivago, DHL, Fortis Hospitals, WHO, Max Hospital, Mondelez, Kellogg's, ITC, Dabur, Nestle, Safexpress, BSE, Morgan Stanley, and many such brands offer campus placement opportunities to our business students. Trivago, Raddison Blu, DHL, Shangrilla are some of our international recruiters.

Chitkara Business School aims to start business programs in family business and entrepreneurship and Executive MBA Programs for Industry professionals in the near future

- International Partnership & Pathway Programs
With the help of our International Office, we provide seamless opportunities for students to travel across the world for semester exchange programs, 15 days to 1-month summer schools, international internships, 1+1 or 3+2 programs, Skill enhancement programs, Immersion programs etc. The students of Chitkara Business School take on several joint research projects with students of international partner universities. Nearly 30% of business students travel abroad for several academic and co-curricular activities. Nearly 20 of our alumni students completed their professional upskilling courses through Harvard Business School Online. Nearly 50 of our students have been to Harvard Business School for Harvard MUN. Around 14 students visited London School of Economics for 15 days summer programs. Such exposures make them really think like global managers.

- Clear focus on skilling
Business programs of Chitkara Business School focusses more on affirmative skills of the students. The objective of focusing on affirmative skills is to increase the possibility of employment after their MBA programs. Training in SEO, Digital Marketing, AI and ML, Blockchain, Data Analytics tools like Tableau, Python, R Programming, Financial Technologies (UI and UX), Data warehousing, cloud computing, Language skills, E-Commerce and M-Commerce technologies and several other related subjects help all our business school students gaining best of learning experience and starting with bright career from campus. Experiential learning is part of regular curriculum. Activities like Chitkara Mandi/Apni Mandi where in students set up their real time shops and sell produces, market exposure program at Mumbai for 15 days, Retail project at Big Bazar, Karm Rekha sessions for Retail management students are some the examples of unique activities those bring real time skilling and learning to the students' side.

Future Plans
We at Chitkara Business School strongly believe in our logo "Explore your potential". Our future plan is to get national and international level accreditations for business programs. We also aim to start business programs in family business and entrepreneurship and Executive MBA Programs for Industry professionals in near future.

Our Chitkara Business School has been ranked best in the Region and we are amongst top 50 B-School of India by Business World, Business India, India Today, Academia Insight, Outlook on several parameters and several other magazines. We have been ranked 75th by NIRF, Govt of India ranking among top B-Schools of India including IIMs. Our aim is to improve the performance and rise above in national rankings for business programs and find a place in international rankings as well. We set our benchmarks and always strive to cross those limits and set new standards. Our competition is with in and we strongly believe that by 2025 we will be first choice of industry, parents, students and faculty.