Western India Institute Of Aeronautics: India's Premier Aviation Institute

Radhika Bhandari,DirectorThe International Air Transport Association has predicted for the Indian Aviation industry to become the third-largest Air Transport industry by 2026. Preparing Indian youth to cater to the same growth, Dr. Nagesh Bhandari's passion for the aviation field led to the foundation of WIIA in 2004. Since its inception, the institution has evolved into one of the prominent institutes within the aviation education domain in India, and now, being headed by the second-generation young entrepreneur Ms. Radhika Bhandari with her global vision.

With the government's commitment to raising the number of airports in India to 250 by the end of 2024, the need for licensed AMEs will immensely increase. The aviation industry is expected to grow in leaps and bounds, not only in India but across the globe. However, being a niche field, the number of qualified professionals is low as compared to the demand. WIIA fills the industry gap by not only educating the students about the field but also giving them the correct amount of practical training and exposure. WIIA believes that an industry ready student makes for a great professional. The institution has cracked the code of success for students pertaining to the Aviation industry.

WIIA belongs to the bracket of one of the very few prestigious institutes in the Aviation Industry that ensures placements to all their students.

"WIIA helped me in expanding my horizons and picking up something which is uncommon. This field has a lot of struggle, but if one sticks to it, one can come across very good opportunities that can change our lives," says Dilip Chaudhury (former alumni of WIIA), working currently as Director of Maintenance/CAM, Empire Aviation Group, Dubai, UAE.

"When I was deciding upon my further studies after 12th science, I stumbled upon AME with my campus visit at WIIA. I was amazed to see LIVE Boeing 737-200 Aircraft at the Campus along with other Aircrafts for practical training exposure. This used to be a male dominated field, however at WIIA more & more girls are empowered to be an AME specialist and I am glad to have studied at WIIA" says Sudakshina Das (former alumni of WIIA), working currently as Quality Administrator & Auditor, Jet Aviation, Dubai LLC.
From the history of fighter Jet Sukhoi to the contemporary Boeing mechanism at campus, WIIA is dedicated to giving their students a learning experience like none other, especially in the field of AME, where practical and theoretical knowledge goes hand in glove. As the Director, Ms. Radhika, correctly reiterates, "We aim to ingrain resilience so strong that it enables us to conquer the sky."

Offering Top-notch Education in the Aviation Industry
The Western India Institute of Aeronautics is laden with all modern amenities such as smart classrooms and a library with extensive reading material. Besides, the mechanical lab, avionics lab, engine room, landing gear and live aircrafts such as Zenith CH-2000, Lear Jet 24, and Boeing 737-200 on campus are the perfect fit for any ambitious student wanting to excel in the aviation field. In the current scenario, where the degrees are becoming obsolete, but the skills developed, remain relevant in the industry, WIIA does justice to academia while also focusing on skill development. WIIA is one of the very few institutes in India to provide 3 years Degree course, B.Sc. (Honors) in Aircraft Maintenance along with AME in collaboration with Indus University.

Western India institute of aeronautics is the only institute in India to have its own Boeing 737-200 on campus for practical training

The faculty members are not only extremely well qualified but also hold extensive experience of working in the field of Aviation. The institution firmly believes in having faculty oriented towards the development of the students, ensuring that all faculties and staff stay relevant to the current developments in the aviation industry, while also having a stronghold on the theoretical aspects of their subjects.

WIIA is a wholesome institute that provides various aviation courses with realistic career opportunities across the globe & our flagship course is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME), approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Govt. of India, designed to meet the Aviation Industry-standard. WIIA also cover courses on Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management, and Cabin Crew training.

The institute has leading civil aviation service providers as training partners, and various international civilians are invited to the institute for placement opportunities. WIIA has left no stone unturned to make sure that their students witness the growth of aviation industry first-hand and are also equal contributors to the industry's growth. With immense opportunities opening up within the aviation industry, the institute is constantly collaborating with global players to benefit the students. After completing 15 plus successful years ­ WIIA has built up ties with more than 50 domestic and international recruiters and has over 450 alumni under its umbrella.

Started as a small institute in Hansol, near the Ahmedabad Airport, to becoming a full-fledged institute with global relevance, WIIA has been providing trained manpower to the aviation industry since 2004. WIIA aims to carve out its identity as a top-notch education provider in the global aviation industry with specialization in all the segments of operation including large and medium-sized jet engine education.

Ms. Radhika Bhandari, Director, Western India Institute of Aeronautics (WIIA)
Ms. Radhika holds an engineering degree in Metallurgy and M.Sc. in Management from Warwick University, UK. The combination of Metallurgy Engineering and Management is the key to her flawless performance as a Director at WIIA. The metallurgy and aviation industry being largely male-driven, Radhika Bhandari has broken all stereotypes and is a powerhouse of energy leading the institute towards a Global Future.