Vistara Juniors: Building Strong Foundations for a Childs Development in Body, Soul, & Mind

 Dr. Kanchan Nasare,   Founder Director

Dr. Kanchan Nasare

Founder Director

Children begin laying the groundwork for social and financial literacy even before they enter elementary school. They learn the majority of social skills including how to interact with others, eat, behave, and engage in other activities from their daily routine and the people they surround themselves with. Simple life lessons like 'finishing one's food' and `buying what one can afford' are only a couple of the everyday realities that young children are exposed to that help them lead better lives in the future. In today's era, parents are increasingly aware that the Montessori educational approach aids in the development of the child's brain, general personality, memory training, and behavioral patterns. Therefore, they look for play schools based on the exposure they can offer to the kids at a young age. Recognizing the worries of parents, Vistara, a preschool in Pune offers a contemporary learning approach with the newest technology and teaching techniques to maximize the potential of the kid.

Vistara Juniors is the most reputable playschool, preschool, kinder garten, and daycare brand in Pune. "We want to equip the parents to raise, happy and confident children with lifelong learning skills. I founded Vistara Juniors, a home away from home for young parents, particularly women who are genuinely eager to provide their children with the best early learning experience. It is run by a parent for the parents. Hence, no one else understands better than us what parents expect for their children in terms of education and care", speaks Dr. Kanchan Nasare. The school strives to provide as many kids with the support they need to start learning critical life skills at a young age. Vistara contends that every parent wants the best for their kids, every teacher prefers motivation and success to cynicism and failure, and every child enjoys learning and is capable of learning.

The primary objective of Vistara is to establish the finest learning environment possible, one that is supportive, caring, and engaging and promotes children's feelings of
safety and self worth. The teaching and learning methods used at Vistara centers are heavily influenced by Harvard Gardner, Sue Lloyd, Glean Doman, Jean Piaget, and Maria Montessori. The founder has come to understand through continued experience that the approach developed by these great educators is extremely important for helping kids develop their physical, emotional, social, and cognitive skills.

As part of its aim to create a better world, Vistara Juniors places an emphasis on worldwide best practices and trains its pupils to be self-assured, kind, and altruistic citizens of the world

"The first five years of a child's life are the most important years of their development, and we want all parents to recognize this. The early experiences and exposure that a child has a great influence on who they will become later in life. To foster compassionate learners and a healthy society, it is our constant goal to support families and children in establishing a joyful, healthy and supportive environment", speaks Dr. Kanchan Nasare.

Vistara believes that many dynamic developmental changes in the areas of physical, social, emotional, moral cognitive, and communicative development are occurring at this time. All of them give the child a better understanding of the world, themselves, and other people. They also give them the chance to fulfill their own needs in a way that is acceptable to others.

Through game based and story based learning, the school aims to foster a child's love of learning while focusing on their overall development. Vistara's team of educators created a special curriculum for kids and continually updates it to reflect new discoveries. The curriculum intends to develop fundamental literacy and numeracy skills along with a variety of co-curricular activities. "Numerous possibilities for self-learning are provided to the kids so they are not forced to memorize information. To ensure that the children develop to their full potential at every turn, our leadership team draws on more than two decades of expertise to build a strong and enthusiastic learning environment", says Dr. Kanchan Nasare. Vistara develops a variety of learning opportunities with a focus on experiential learning for the kids, throughout the academic year.

The pupils at Vistara are equipped with the knowledge and morals necessary to face the unexpected by being flexible in a changing environment. "Since inception, we've learned a lot more about how to educate children. Phonics instruction was not initially included in our curriculum. We came to see how crucial it is for kids to learn language skills like reading and writing if they want to succeed in school. Then, we improved our procedures and added phonics instruction to develop the fundamentals of literacy. We keep on revising our ways of teaching", signs off Dr. Kanchan Nasare.