Vidhya Sadhan: Nurturing Curiosity & Creativity in Young Minds with Progressive Education

 S Vidhya Parvathi,   FounderIn recent years, the preschool market in Chennai has shifted dramatically, with a greater emphasis on holistic development and innovative teaching methods. Preschools that use approaches such as the Montessori method and play-based learning are in high demand, indicating that the importance of early childhood education in a child's academic future is becoming more widely recognized. There is a growing preference for institutions that offer a wide range of academic and extracurricular activities that address a child's cognitive, social, and emotional requirements. As a result, Chennai preschools are adapting to meet these changing demands, creating a dynamic and competitive market in which innovation in pedagogy, infra-structure, and diverse learning experiences is critical to attracting discerning families.

Vidhya Sadhan is a ground-breaking preschool established in 2023 with a dedication to providing high quality education to all children at affordable prices. Vidhya Sadhan's mission is to provide progressive early childhood education that emphasizes the holistic development of young minds. The school follows a philosophy that emphasizes recognizing and nurturing each child's individuality, creating an environment that encourages them to explore and discover their passions and interests from a young age.

Vidhya Sadhan uses an NCERT-based preschool curriculum that is aligned with NEP 2020 and NCF standards. Using a thematic approach ensures that its teaching methods are not only consistent with these educational frameworks but also presented understandably and engagingly for the children. Vidhya Sadhan daycare facility accepts both enrolled students and outside children aged 1.5 and up. Vidhya Sadhan, which focuses on early childhood development, offers a variety of age appropriate activities and programs. Whether through playtime, educational activities, or social interactions, the daycare is committed to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment in which children can thrive and learn.
Vidhya Sadhan provides a wide range of after-school activities that aim to enrich children's learning experiences. The phonics classes are thoroughly planned to teach the fundamental building blocks of reading and pronunciation. The internationally recognized UCMAS Abacus Program promotes brain development by improving concentration and logical thinking abilities. Handwriting classes at Vidhya Sadhan cover a variety of topics, including proper letter formation, spacing, size, and overall legibility. The Creative Drawing sessions offer a nurturing environment for students to learn new techniques and develop their artistic styles, catering to all skill levels. The Music classes are intended to develop singing skills and improve vocal abilities. Dance classes teach students the intricacies of Bharatanatyam, including adavus (basic steps), mudras(hand gestures),and abhinaya (expressions). Dance teacher prepare the kids for degrees courses & certificate courses from reputed institutions like Bridge Academy.

Vidhya Sadhan aspires to provide opportunities for children to develop their creative thinking skills through projects & activities

“Our curriculum is meticulously designed to nurture children's natural curiosity and creativity, allowing them to explore and discover the world through play-based learning. We have designed the teaching methodology to encourage students to visualize the lessons, thereby stimulating imagination. We actively encourage exploration by providing a diverse array of Montessori materials and other resources on our premises", says S Vidhya Parvathi, Founder.

Vidhya Sadhan's play school focuses on early childhood development and offers a wide range of age appropriate activities and educational programs to help children grow socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically.

The Vidhya Sadhan program includes a wide range of activities, including dance, music, singing, art, and crafts, as well as real-life excursions to places like post offices and shopping malls. Children are taught the fundamentals of writing, counting, number recognition, and simple problem-solving engagingly and purposefully. Furthermore, the Vidhya Sadhan curriculum focuses on instilling a love of language through the singing of rhymes and actively participating in the enactment of simple words during designated rhyme and story sessions. Vidhya Sadhan believes in the power of imagination and encourages children to develop their creative thinking skills through its projects and activities.

A comprehensive curriculum is followed in the Junior and Senior Kinder garten sections, which includes subjects such as English, Math, Practical Life, Culture and Science, Arts and Crafts, and Dance. The Montessori Method serves as the foundation for teaching in all of these subjects, ensuring a personalized learning experience that takes into account each child's unique interests and abilities.