Verifer: A Holistic & Easy-to-Use Education Ecosystem for School Management

Jaydeep, CEO

According to Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory, people have a combination of eight kinds of major ‘intelligence’. While kids with verbal-linguistic have a bright future as writers & lawyers, children with logical - mathematical intelligence enjoy being scientists & computer programmers. Tragically, nearly 95 percent of people today are stuck in wrong career options that they neither enjoy nor are good at, as their jobs are not aligned with their core intelligent type – taking a toll on their personal lives as well. Determined to change this scenario, Tansar Solutions Pvt. Ltd. developed an education ecosystem, an easy-to-use mobile app, Verifer and launched it in 2016 that specifically focuses on understanding and then enhancing the core intelligence of the students and caters seamless school management. “We have developed this app as a glue to bring the right information to right people. Verifer brings together all stakeholders (educational institutions, parents, teachers and students), and other education & accessory providers in a single easy-to-use tool to help them prevail over the existing challenges and not survive them,” says Jaydeep, CEO, Verifer. Whilst other educational apps stop with
giving typical ERP inventory-based assistance, this app acts as a holistic tool that stress on a child’s overall development so that he/she can have a bright life/career.

"We have developed this app as a glue to bring the right information to right people"

Shaping the Lives of Students & Parents
Right from admission to finance, academics to time-table, communications to HR, inventory, ORUM, KPI, recruitment, library and till exit of the student and beyond, Verifer caters A-Z of the education management from KG to PG. Going beyond academics, Verifer shows students about outside events aligned with their intelligence type like science camps, various workshops, exhibition, competitive exams and more.

Verifer’s unique feedback system segregates subjects based on diverse intelligence types and allows teachers & parents to give feedback on students accordingly. The app’s academic assessment feature gives the parents insight on student’s progress and ultimately all these feedbacks are processed to help them understand their intelligence, inner strengths & weaknesses, and choose the right stream (science, commerce or arts) after 10th grade based on their intelligence types. The teachers can communicate with parents, mark attendance, sessions & performance, share the latest plans and post a notification. Verifer motivates teachers via its verifer quotient (VQ), which provides
points to teachers based on how frequent the teachers are updating student’s feedback. At the end of the year, the teachers having the highest VQ are felicitated with awards.

“Our app is one that is deep rooted in the institute by providing them best ERP management solution to get a holistic output,” says Jaydeep. The app's flexible and highly configurable ERP solution has made it possible to serve various educational institutions, schools, colleges and universities like Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Symbiosis’s STLRC, Sydenham College, Zeal Technical Campus, Indira Group’s ICEM, Gokhale University, City International Schools, Priyadarshani Group of Schools, and others. Currently, Verifer is handling Uttrakhand Government project from its Dehradun-based office with a mission of achieving 100 percent attendance in technical education. Here, a portable bio metric device takes lecture/session-wise attendance that is circulated to every student and also captures the photograph and location of students. “The defaults in attendance are automatically conveyed to the parents. We warn the parents, if a student showed any signs of falling behind the attendance threshold that would stop him/her from writing the exams. We have seen a significant growth of 35 percent in attendance through this system,” claims Jaydeep. Verifier intends to create good brand value and be the guiding light for students and their parents, towards a better life with the right guidance and information.