Velocity Xcelerator: Training the Leaders of Tomorrow for a Brighter Future

 Virendra Ingle ,  FounderIn the five years from 2021 to 2026, the market for corporate leadership training is anticipated to rise by $18.59 billion, with a CAGR of 9.51 percent. Given that it is more cost-effective for a business to fill management positions from within its hierarchies than employ an external resource, organizations are investing more in leadership training annually. In order to develop its own staff as leaders, organizations have begun to engage in leadership development programs as it helps the business become more agile and adapt to the dynamic business environment. One of India's most rapidly expanding business consulting firms, Velocity Xcelerator was founded by Virendra Ingle with offices in Delhi and Pune. For over five years now, the business is known to be providing services to numerous corporate businesses in India and internationally. Thousands of entrepreneurs, regardless of their industry or size, have been effectively guided by the company to prosper more quickly in a short amount of time.

Promising a Range of Services
Velocity Xcelerator offers a range of training, consulting, and leadership development services based on the vision and mission of its founder. Virendra Ingle possesses over 23 years of management and leadership experience in multinational corporations. His field of expertise includes B2C, B2B, corporate sales, business growth, channel development, and franchisee development. In order to assist aspiring business owners, MSMEs, SMEs, and midsized corporations in reaching their objectives, Virendra incepted his company in 2016.

Through individualized Business Coaching and Consulting, he is on a mission to assist Solopreneurs, SMEs, and MSMEs in creating next level leaders and auto mating their businesses. "Inclining the long term goals of the employees with the vision of the company is one of the most effective ways not only of leadership development, but also of increasing the retention rate at the firms", says Virendra Ingle, Founder, Velocity Xcelerator.

With a clear cut mission in his sights, the firm was founded to provide services in Corporate Training, Sales Training, Leadership Training, Communication Skill Training, Personality Development Training, Business Consulting, Sales Consulting, HR Consulting, Marketing Consulting, Franchise Consulting, and Distribution Consulting across the EDP program and Step up Program.

Velocity Xcelerator adheres to the straightforward formula that asserts effective activities produce dynamic and appealing effects

Operating on Unique Framework
One of the most unique propositions of the firm is the methodology used in offering the various services. Clarity, Goal, Challenges, Actions, and Results, or CGCAR, is a component of the CGCAR framework, which is implemented by Velocity Xcelerator in its program of Leadership Training and Consulting. This component has been useful to most clients in increasing their company's growth rate. The firm uses this framework as a step by step guide for curating organizational goals. In a discovery session with customers, the company pinpoints and successfully closes business gaps, which ultimately leads to the creation of a goal centric blueprint.

These actions are intended to increase `clarity' within the company and create a path to address any issues that function as a barrier to accomplishing the organizational goal. Designing a set of GOALS and uniting every leader and employee around a single objective is the next step. The resolve to take the ACTION necessary to get over the obstacles is the fourth phase. Results come in at the fifth phase. Velocity Xcelerator adheres to the straight forward formula that asserts effective activities produce dynamic and appealing effects, even though this step won't be in the control of the actual doers. As a result, the firm has been successful in providing intended results and has been efficient in resolving the issue of many businesses.

For entrepreneurs and business owners, Velocity serves as a dynamic consultant, advisor, and growth showing torchbearer, guiding organizations to higher levels of development & success.