Ummeed: A Hope to Cheerful Parenthood

Salony Priya,Founder Director

Salony Priya

Founder Director

It is a natural phenomenon for parents to instinctively become mindful and selfless nurturers. Since the day of the child's birth, there happens to be a natural programming of apt parenting abilities within them. The relationship and understanding between parents & children evolve and mature with every passing year. However, this natural insight can sometimes go through a lot of convolutions which can create shortcomings in carrying through downright rearing. At certain times, these new experiences and challenges can be overwhelming to many, be it the moms and dads of newly born infants or adolescents. Giving consideration to such circumstances, professionals have come forward with explicit approaches to help them lay hold on the discipline, the style, confidence and have a tab on their parenting role. Salony Priya, a counselling psychologist, took the opportunity to confer parenting coaching to parents through her establishment ­ Ummeed, an organization that is built for the noble cause of serving the underprivileged children in the field of mental health, help parents learn more about the kind of situation they are going to encounter in the coming years, and prepare them for each developmental stage.

Ummeed gives consideration to the fact that no single individual is alike, and nor is their parental instinct. Different people go through different sets of circumstances and have
different ways of attending them. The company is just being their escort in stimulating this parental instinct in the right orientation and empowers parents to have guilt-free, frustration-free and an adorable parenthood. Through various coaching sessions, Ummeed inspires them to trust their gut feeling and encourage them to use Love and Logic while nurturing.

Salony's profession has given her ample occasions to interact with parents, and she has been a keen observer of the manner in which parents tend to advance their relationship with their children

Salony's profession has given her ample occasions to interact with parents. She has been a keen observer of the manner in which parents tend to advance their relationship with their children. As an extremely understanding knowledgeable therapist, she could identify the loopholes existing in parenting skills. To enable them single-out the flaws by their own, she practices the following methodologies defined as ­ parenting coaching & identification parenting styles, and one-to-one counselling to parents & children. And to deal the detected gaps, series of play therapy and art therapy with children, video coaching, skill building and responsibility training for children are conducted. She also puts forward research, publishes paper on the work done in field of parenting, and develops success case studies that provide inspiration and belief to parents. "As counsellors, we have also developed effectual programs that enable children to develop skills and overcome their difficulties. Hosting a number of assessments and testing helps parents know by sight the child's abilities, strengths as well as weaknesses. This way, we get the factors which require attention and amends, and both can work on solving them as a team. These endeavours bring them closer and bolster their relationship with each other," explains Salony.

The notable venture put-up by Salony has created a whirl in the society. Its decent cause has won it great appreciation across the nation. In light of this, the prime mover has planned to increase, and at the same time, ameliorate their parenting strategies. The plan is to launch videos of coaching on parenting skills available at free of cost, online parenting webinars with Salony, develop content that will be available on a parenting app, bring to light all success stories by publishing books in print & e-book version, and offer any timely assistance. It is also providing Skype meetings and sessions in India, Singapore and the Middle East.