Neuron Labs: The Abode of Learning and Fun

Santosh Sethuraman,Head-Vision and Strategy

Santosh Sethuraman

Head-Vision and Strategy

A very high proportion of learning happens from birth to six years of age. Hence, it is a time when children need at most care and high quality learning experience. Established in the year 2010, Neuron Labs is dedicated to an educational experience that will help children develop not only a foundation for a lifetime of learning but also a love for life and humanity. The preschool offers an authentic and progressive educational system for children. "Today, many parents send their child to a playschool with the single objective of getting their child prepared for a big school's admission, which is very myopic. The playschools should be carefully selected with the vision of, 'Learning for Life,'" says
Santosh Sethuraman, Head - Vision and Strategy, Neuron Labs.

Deep conceptual understanding can be provided only when children indulge on practical work with the focus on multiple intelligences instead of relying only on theoretical knowledge. It is amazing to watch children at Neuron Labs imbibe this naturally and wish to come to school every day as each of their intelligences are nurtured. The credit goes to a carefully crafted curriculum filled with exciting and innovative teaching aids, which is unique to Neuron Labs. "Children here are having an edge over their peers from other schools. Not just that, we focus a great deal on the emotional intelligence of all the individuals associated with Neuron Labs. When the emotional well being is taken care of, learning will become a natural process," claims Santhosh. Neuron Labs ensures that the children become self-learners and apply their knowledge at every stage. Reaching this goal is facilitated by using Montessori methods and philosophies coupled with new age educational practices like Interdisciplinary learning approach and Howard Gardener's Multiple Intelligences.
Equipped with some amazing and unique educational toys and the freedom of choice that is exercised through out, children slowly and steadily build the trust with the Neuron Labs' environment, the adults and their peers. The activity center at Neuron Labs is designed with a range of stimulating activities like music, dance, games, arts and story reading in a caring and safe environment. "Our major objective is to make a positive difference in every learner in our universe by building an environment of learning," says Santhosh. Neuron Labs has already embarked on the journey of growing this school into a big Institution. Today, the core strengths of Neuron Labs coupled with supportive parents the school is poised for a huge growth. They have ambitious plans to open up many more centres across Pune and in other parts of India in the years to come."At Neuron Labs we guarantee a great learning environment which will enable each child to have a rock solid foundation of his concepts, which in turn will enable her/him to build further as the foundation is strong.'I can and I will' is the mantra we breathe into their subconscious which will take them ahead in all their challenges of the future,"concludes Santhosh.