Intellitots: For the Right Start

Shivani Kapoor,Founder & Director

Shivani Kapoor

Founder & Director

Finding a preschool is not hard; difficulty lies in selecting the right preschool that will set your child up for success. The foundation for character and learning is laid in the early years of life; hence selecting a nurturing preschool environment for your child is of upmost importance for every parent. Every preschool assures to be different in their strategy but Intellitots team does not believe in making promises, instead they believe in action. Since its establishment in 2008, they have been working ceaselessly to push the boundaries of early years' education and care. .With new innovative programs for the early years rooted in neuroscience research,Intellitots is recognized as one of the most loved preschools in Delhi NCR. The team enjoys a huge fan following among parents and children, and is showered with awards on a regular basis but that means little to the founders, Pooja Goyal and Shivani Kapoor, as their metric of success continues to be the positive difference that they make in children's lives.

Both Pooja and Shivani worked in the corporate world for many years in the US and Europe but when they moved back to India and began looking for child development programs for their children, they were surprised by the lack of options in Delhi. "When I was looking for preschool and daycare options for my then 1 and 3 year old children, I was surprised not bythe paucity of infrastructure or high quality learning environments
but by a complete lack of conversation around the importance of early years," says Pooja. Sharing the same passion for early year education with an understanding about the value of early years, Pooja and Shivani started Intellitots.

Intellitots Preschool is enabling a strong foundation in reading, mathematical skills and creative expression which instill values that will empower children’s success in tomorrow’s world

Today, Intellitots runs teacher and parent certification programs in collaboration with a team at Johns Hopkins School of Education and boasts of strong teacher body, who are well trained in early childhood programs with extensive experience of working with young kids. All equipments used in classes are age appropriate and the curriculum has been developed in conjunction with international experts and programs. Intellitots emphasizes more on building strong reading skills and they implement it through a 'Word World' program where excellent reading strategies are introduced and reinforced through out the school year. The personalized attention provided by the preschool helps in promoting confidence among children.

"We are the first preschool to implement brain targeted teaching for the early years," claims Shivani. Intellitots has collaborated with Dr. Mariale Hardiman of Johns Hopkins University to implement the Brain Targeted Teaching Model. The teaching model designates six "brain targets" for the teaching and learning process and describes brain research that supports each stage.For developing an understanding of
real world topics,the preschool uses monthly themes, which act as a guide for curriculum planning and development.

Other than the idea of themes, Intellitots also organizes Bouncing Babies (A Parent-Toddler program), Enrichment Program and Creative Xpressions (A Music, Speech, Drama program). The programs also integrate Maths, science, and general awareness to encourage problem solving as they explore concepts like patterning and sorting while playing. The founders are passionate about the early childhood education and both are engaged in deep research about brain development in the early years.

However, it is not just the creative pedagogy, but also the open communication that attracts most parents to Intellitots. In our conversations with numerous Intellitots parents, each one vouched for their deep relationship and rapport with the school and Intellitots teachers. The three Early Learning Centres of Intellitots have benefitted more than 8000 families and as a whole Gurgaon now entrusts Intellitots as the right place for creating a foundation for kids ranging from six months to six years. Intellitots is also an early year education and childcare partner of many multinational companies like Fortis Healthcare, Nagarro, PepsiCo and American Express.

As a whole, Intellitots Preschool is enabling a strong foundation in reading, , mathematical skills and creative expression which instilling values that will empower children's success in tomorrow's world. Currently, Pooja and Shivani are busy extending Intellitots wings to new locations. The successful journey of Intellitots and the relentless efforts of Pooja and Shivani are an inspiration for all educators who dream to making change happen.