The British Preparatory School of Bangalore: Nurturing Young Minds to Build a Bright Future

Padmini Naidu,  TrusteeAccording to the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIER), kids between 3 to 5 years who attend a highquality preschool are proven to be more successful in kindergarten and beyond. However, the problem for most parents is the lack of high-quality affordable education. The quality of a preschool is measured based on two crucial aspects, process and structure. The process is measured by looking at the interactions, activities, materials, learning opportunities, and health and safety routines of an institution. On the other hand, structural quality includes factors like the size of each group of children, the adult-child ratio, and the education and training of the teachers and staff.

While parents are looking for high-quality education in an overcrowded metropolitan city like Bangalore, The British Preparatory School of Bangalore emerges as a silver lining. Located on Kanakapura Road, the renowned preschool, has a developmentally appropriate, experiential, and academically rigorous, approach to education.

Rising as Quality Education Providers

The journey of The British Preparatory School of Bangalore began in 2012 as a Maple Bear franchise. “However, for the past four years, we have been operating independently. We've successfully trained over 1,200 children in early childhood education”, states Padmini Naidu, Trustee of The British Preparatory School of Bangalore. The school is known for its state-of-the-art facilities, which include mandatory daily use of multisensory equipment by the children. Various dedicated spaces are allocated for different activities, such as a separate room specifically designed for multisensory experiences.

The school premises are meticulously organized, with one floor dedicated to toddlers, another for nursery, and a separate building featuring the ground floor for LKG and the first floor for UKG. Each class enjoys its entire floor, ensuring ample space for the children to move around comfortably.

To enhance the overall learning experience, the school provides sepa-rate rooms for snacks, classroom sessions, play areas, and sensory experiences. The school places a strong emphasis on promoting movement,
with children engaging in ambulatory activities every 20 minutes during the three-hour session.

Notably, The British Preparatory School of Bangalore is proud of its track record, with students frequently progressing to renowned insti-tutions such as Greenwood International, Ryan International, and DPS. These esteemed schools consistently appreciate the progress and preparedness of the children from The British Preparatory School, often leading to direct admissions from the preschool to these institutions.

The Mission & Vision

The preschool’s mission revolves around creating a comforting and safe learning environment for children who are moving away from their parents for the first time. Teachers undergo specific training to provide a nurturing atmosphere, almost akin to motherly care. On the other hand, the vision is centered on delivering high-quality early learning education, based on the Oxford Silver curriculum, to children at an affordable cost for parents. Affordability is a key consideration for us, as we aim to keep the cost per child below 50K, with the maximum being 52K for the KG class. This commitment to offering both high-quality education and affordability sets them apart, especially in an era where costs are generally high.

For kindergarten classes, the preschool follows the Oxford syllabus for all subjects, including English and maths. In contrast, the nursery and toddler classes predominantly focus on sensory experiences, emphasizing touch and feel. The teaching materials for these classes consist of touch and touch-and-feel series books, fostering a more hands-on learning approach.

The preschool’s mission revolves around creating a comforting & safe learning environment for children who are moving away from their parents for the first time

In lower kindergarten classes, the teaching approach combines the Oxford Silver curriculum with CBC (Curriculum-Based Content). Each class is staffed with two teachers and two helpers, ensuring a total of four caregivers per class. Importantly, the student-to-teacher ratio is maintained at a maximum of one to eight, adhering to industry standards, and in some cases, it's as low as one to seven for certain classes. This ensures personalized attention and care for every child in the school.

The Culture & Civic Responsibility

The British Preparatory School’s unique approach involves having a dedicated subject called 'Environmental Studies' (ES) for each grade. To instill environmental awareness, teachers organize field trips to nurseries, gardens, and public parks, deliberately exposing students to the shared spaces used by people of all ages, from children to senior citizens. In a recent event, the school initiated a tree-planting activity where each child was given the task of planting a seed, and parents were involved by providing the seedlings. The students were responsible for daily watering, nurturing the plants, and gradually understanding the growth process. This hands-on experience fosters a sense of environmental responsibility from a young age.