Avinya International Preschool: Nurturing Holistic Development through Innovative Education System

Chethana S Amresh,  Academic Director & Principal

Chethana S Amresh

Academic Director & Principal

A child's preschool selection is the most important decision parents will ever make. This is the initial educational setting where children cultivate the skills necessary for future success. On the other hand, this is an auspicious milestone that signifies the start of a child's education and development beyond the confines of their household and immediate family. There are numerous preschools from which to select, making it challenging to determine where to begin. In the dynamic landscape of early childhood education, Avinya International Preschool stands out with its distinctive philosophy that focuses on a structured learning environment based on the Montessori Method. Unlike traditional preschools, Avinya adopts a theme-based approach, incorporating advanced subjects like botany and zoology, introducing young minds to the wonders of the natural world. With a strong foundation in the kreedo methodology, Avinya ensures that children are exposed to a comprehensive curriculum that includes not only core subjects but also social sciences and geography.

“In the realm of early childhood education, Avinya International Preschool is redefining norms with its innovative approach. We aim to contribute significantly to the holistic development of its students, fostering language, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical abilities. By enhancing these skills early in life, we prepare children to face future challenges and navigate through the complexities of daily life. The institution plays a crucial role in molding the next generation of leaders and innovators, laying the groundwork for the future of society”, explains Chethana S Amresh, Academic Director & Principal, Avinya International Preschool.

Pioneering Early Exposure to Advanced Concepts

Avinya provides exceptional and cost-effective education without requiring donations. The dynamic and jubilant classrooms are furnished with the tried and true kreedo curriculum, which promotes the cognitive growth of children in preparation for lifelong learning. In addition to educational field trips and outdoor games, the entire school campus is monitored by CCTV. Alongside, Avinya breaks the mold by introducing advanced concepts in subjects like botany, zoology, and geography at an early age. Through the kreedo methodology, the preschool incorporates practical labs, ensuring that each concept is reinforced through hands-on learning experiences. The emphasis on themes and projects like
Chandrayaan and Aditya projects sets Avinya apart, showcasing its dedication to providing a comprehensive education that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of preschool learning.

“Our distinctiveness lies in its unwavering commitment to quality. The use of the kreedo curriculum, lab practices, and authentic learning experiences set Avinya apart. The preschool goes beyond traditional holidays, celebrating regional and cultural events and ensuring that children are exposed to a rich tapestry of experiences. We proudly stand as the first preschool in Karnataka to undertake Chandrayaan and Aditya projects, showcasing its commitment to pushing boundaries and providing a unique learning environment”, adds Chethana.

Furthermore, Avinya adopts the 5 Cs approach - creativity, critical thinking, communication, connectivity, and culture. These elements form the foundation of Avinya's educational strategy, aiming to mold children into well rounded individuals capable of navigating an ever-evolving global landscape. By fostering creativity and critical thinking, the preschool prepares students to face challenges with innovative solutions, promoting effective communication, building connections, and instilling an appreciation for diverse cultures.

Embracing Technology for Connectivity & Continuous Learning

In the digital age, Avinya recognizes the importance of incorporating technology into education. From digital learning platforms to gami-fication, wearable technologies, and cloud computing, Avinya leverages technology to connect students with the outside world. Mobile learning, in particular, has become a pivotal tool, ensuring that education remains uninterrupted, especially in the face of challenges like the global pandemic.

Besides this, Avinya navigates the delicate balance between curriculum and extracurricular activities by prioritizing academics while seamlessly integrating engaging activities aligned with the curriculum. The preschool carefully plans activities such as contemporary dance, gymnastics, sports, and classical music to complement the academic curriculum, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience for the children.

Avinya's mission is to create a strong foundation for lifelong learning, emphasizing the critical role of early education in shaping a child's future. The preschool aims to empower students with the skills needed for success, focusing on areas like phonics that are indispens-able in higher classes. Through Avinya's holistic approach, students not only learn subjects but also develop essential life skills that will serve them well in the long run.

Bridging Learning & High-Quality Care

Also, Avinya's playgroup program goes beyond traditional childcare, incorporating a structured learning methodology to prepare children for higher school. The playgroup focuses on cognitive, socio-emotional, language, and physical development, providing a strong foundation for future academic pursuits. Parental involvement is encouraged, with regular events and meetings to ensure a collaborative approach to a child's education.

Hence, Avinya International Preschool emerges as a beacon of excellence in the realm of early childhood education. Through its innovative approach, commitment to holistic development, and unwavering dedication to quality, Avinya sets a benchmark for preschool education in Bangalore. As it continues to shape young minds, Avinya remains dedicated to empowering the next generation for a successful and fulfilling future.