Mit Art Design And Technology University: A Place where Creativity & Innovation go Hand in Hand

Dr. Kishore Sreenivasan,   DirectorPart of the esteemed MIT Group of Institutions, MIT Art Design and Technology University was established in Maharashtra by Dr. Vishwanath Karad, the Father-Founder & Director General of the group, who launched the first private engineering college in the state in 2016. A UGC recognized multidisciplinary university, MIT Art Design and Technology University has been awarded the 'Best Campus Award' by ASSOCHAM in 2017 and has over 33,000 students studying engineering across India.

Range of Courses
The distinguishing degree programs are offered under this faculty of Engineering and Technology in various schools. School of Computing for only computer science and engineering and Information Technology related specialisation, School of Engineering & Sciences for all other conventional branches, College of Food Technology, Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training more popularly known as MANET & College of Management popular Construction Management M.Tech Program & School of Bioengineering Sciences and Research.

Their goal is to cultivate a ‘Winning Personality’ in their students by providing them with a solid technical foundation, entrepreneurship skills, a drive to think innovatively, and the necessary life skills to succeed in demanding professions. The Faculty Dean of Engineering Technology & Management and Director-ICT at MIT ADT University is Dr. Sunita M. Karad, who has over 27 years of rich academic experience and a core engineering background. The Faculty of Engineering and Technology has over 8000 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology offers various degree programs across different schools, namely: the School of Computing, which specializes in computer science, information technology, and related fields such as robotics and automation engineering, electric vehicles, transportation engineering, full stack development, artificial intelligence and machine learning, cybersecurity, cloud computing, big data and data analytics, gaming technology, and blockchain technology; the School of Engineering & Science, which aims to produce future leaders who can solve 21st-century technological and social problems and offers specializations in mechanical engineering, civil engineering, aerospace engineering, electronics and communication engineering, and other micro specializations; the School of Food Technology, which produces technicians and inspectors to run food processing industries; the School of Bio-Sciences Engineering and Research (SBER), which focuses on applied biological and life sciences or bioengineering to support
innovation and sustainability in life sciences while managing and protecting natural and man made ecosystems MANET, which provides education and training for a career in the Merchant Navy and the Department of Project & Construction Management under the College of Management, which offers a unique program in construction management to develop expertise in highrise building and mega township planning. MIT ADT University is renowned for its Design Enabled Engineering program, with over 6,500 students pursuing specialization in domain-specific areas to meet industry demand.

Recognized for its Uniqueness
The 5th National Conference on Innovative Global Technology Trends in various fields including Art, Design, Technology, Management, Vedic Science, Education, Architecture, and Film and Media took place from March 23rd to 25th, 2023. The event is being organized by the MIT ADT University with the aim of providing a platform for academicians, students, researchers, and corporate experts to share their knowledge and ideas. The university is also committed to promoting innovation and research culture among its students and encourages them to think outside the box.

At the conference inauguration, the Chief Guest Prashant Girbane, Director General MCCIA emphasized the importance of such events in promoting research culture, while the Guest of Honor Dr. Rajkumar Prasad Singh stressed on the need for innovation among students. Dr. Sunita Karad, Director ICT & MITCOM, Dean Multidisciplinary, and convener of the conference delivered the presidential address on the importance of a research-driven university.

The conference brought together more than 100 experts across 16 plenary sessions where they delivered speeches and presentations on a wide range of topics. In addition to the plenary and breakout sessions, over 200 research papers were presented in various formats, including oral presentations, poster sessions, and interactive workshops. The conference provided researchers with an opportunity to present their work, receive feedback, and collaborate with other experts in their field, thus advancing knowledge and promoting innovation.

On the final day of the conference, the Chief Guest Dr. Kishore Sreenivasan, Director CSIR, highlighted the importance of intellectual property rights, while the Guest of Honor for the valedictory Dr. Anant Sardeshmukh, Director, MKCL, emphasized the need for a startup culture that fosters innovation. The Pioneer Awards 2023 were presented during the Valedictory Ceremony, and winners in various categories were recognized for their outstanding contributions to innovation and entrepreneurship. The awards were thoroughly monitored and judged by a panel of experts in key areas of interest.

Equipping Students for Future
A maximum package of 5.3 LPA has been offered to students by top MNCs such as Wipro, Infosys, Capgemini Technology Services, and Kalzoom Advisors. Fourteen students are presently undergoing longterm internships with different Aerospace Organizations such as Paras Defense and Space, Zeus Numerix, and Aeronica Advance Technologies, and are expected to receive full time job opportunities based on their performance.

In terms of higher studies, eight students have been admitted to renowned international universities for their M.S Program, including University of Surrey and University of Hertfordshire in the UK, University College of London, Concordia University in Canada, and Swansea University, as well as University of Massachusetts and Dartmouth in the USA.

The students have received accolades for their research work, having published over 10 research papers in international journals/conferences. Over 20 students are currently working on projects/internships with esteemed research organizations like DRDO and ISRO, while more than 35 students are engaged in mini projects under the guidance of international faculties.