Dinkar Rao: Passionately Enriching The Business Landscape With Illustrious Business Acumen

Dinkar Rao ,FounderThere’s an old saying that ‘there is nothing new under the sun’. Well, this verse is partially true at this juncture, when change is unprecedented across businesses and industries owing to economic globalization and other developments. Whether you work for a giant MNC or a thriving start-up, you will meet pros and cons day in and out; it is impossible to know when the clouds will burst. Hence, as things are being looked at with new-defined lenses, several leadership roles also need to be redefined.

The constantly evolving era calls for never-before-seen leadership skills to ensure an organization’s success. Amidst this concern, business coaching emerges as a credible solution. Dinkar Rao is an internationally acclaimed Business Coach in India who realizes this and with a conscious approach leverages efficiently created business coaching lessons to start-ups, SMEs, and enterprises.

Famed for his uniquely devised business coaching, Dinkar has a rich experience of around two decades in offering extensive coaching sessions to provide up-todate result-oriented business skills empowering people, businesses, and teams. To date, he has indulged in and accomplished several noteworthy business coaching projects to deliver sales, service, and leadership excellence to clients.

Having pursued his Master in Mineral Engineering at IIT Dhanbad (Formerly ISM, Dhanbad). Dinkar Rao found his calling in coaching after his enlightening early stint as a business leader with a few global organizations. “I realized that I like to enable people from multiple Industry Verticals and address some complex problem statements in variety of industries. This lead to my career in Coaching and Consulting field at a very young age”, shares Dinkar Rao.

The year 2004 marks Dinkar Rao’s early set-out in the consulting space when he joined a Sweden-based multinational consulting firm taking up a Consulting role for close to a decade. Over time, he acknowledged that only sales-related problems would not help the organization, but working at a leadership level is equally important. He then joined a leadership consulting firm in Denmark and also stepped up to work at the board level for a Netherlands-based consulting company.

It was during his last stint working with a multinational consulting firm as its Managing Director, i.e., in 2015, when he got the idea of venturing as an entrepreneur in the Business Coaching space. Whatever he had learned so far, working internationally needed to be converted into a capsule of offerings, to enable companies based out of India to achieve their aspired business goals, and Dinkar made it happen.

Today, Dinkar Rao is soaring high through his three pillars - the consciously incepted coaching companies- Groval Euler’s Consulting, Groval Selectia, and Kabir Learning Foundation. The three entities profusely comprehend his strive to provide progressive and highly personalized coaching to clients and help them stand tall through business-focused guidance and coaching. “I felt that working in some other consulting firm would not unleash my creativity to the extent I wanted to. It led me to the next phase of my career, which was starting the three companies, Groval Euler’s, Groval Selectia, and Kabir Learning; these sprouted out of my years of experience in the industry”, asserts Dinkar.

The Journey of a Business Revolutionizer
Dinkar Rao is a trendsetter in the domain of crafting conscious business coaching
modules tailored to meet the unique requirements of every single one of its esteemed clientele. His commitment to client Success is unwavering, as he has become the cornerstone of all professional and strategic business coaching initiatives now.

His company Groval Euler’s works on sales capability development. “How do we become more effective as a sales organisation and build the sales culture required for a robust growth; because end of the day, leaders want to achieve 3x growth, 5x growth, or scale higher reducing the cycle time for sales conversion. Hence, we work on problem solving with a pragmatic aapproach.There are a multitude of modules on our website. There’s something called Groval Sales University too, including an encyclopedia of the wealth of knowhow available, that immensely equips people”, adds Dinkar.

The second company, which is ‘Groval Selectia’, works on the problem statements around organizational development including sales. If the organization has to get future-ready and have a cutting edge in the market, what kind of leadership or organization do they need to build, what should be the succession planning, what kind of processes do they need to have for cross-functional collaboration, what kind of synergies they need to build a team to produce very specific results, and more, all seem crucial at the time. So, Groval Selectia focuses on the entire organizational development.

Deep interest to constantly evolve as people is the key to organizational Success. Myopic efforts don’t produce results. Organisations need to invest on right & willing people to build sustainable success

However, to achieve the endeavoured results, it is always important to have clear communication amongst the teams, hence the third company ‘Kabir Learning Foundation’ ensures this by helping build higher collaboration in the teams across organizations. Kabir Learning works on developing the emotional intelligence of the leadership team. While structure might be magnanimous, the product might be impressive, and sales might be great, how is the emotional intelligence of the leadership team to manage the challenges within the organization, outside the organization, and their challenges, all prove very important. Hence, Kabir Learning Foundation works on the soul and very essence of the organization.

“Groval Eulers’ comes into the picture when there is sales-related ambition; Groval Selectia comes into the picture when there is organizational development ambition, which is cross-functional; and Kabir Learning is a little bit more soulful in its appeal and it works on building a better mindset, better people, better impact in the society. Though these three offerings have different purposes, their combined results significantly benefit an organization’s growth”, exclaims Dinkar.

He adds, “We do not confuse the clients between gathering knowledge and business value creation, instead we try to understand their specific needs and then build a program applying different concepts. So, in an engagement, our renewed concepts get embedded seamlessly into the existing work culture of the company that is sponsoring the development”.

Coaching aside, the proper implementation of the learnings is the crux of any development, hence, the Dinkar’s team reviews the work very closely, right from the beginning, by conducting intensive and thorough weeklymonthly reviews, looking at the KPIs, with all the respective people and stakeholders. “We are in a mode of execution from the time we start, and we review how our progress happens, hence we keep checking the milestones regularly. We also stay in close touch with the leaders to see that things don’t go haywire.

Involvement of dedicated leadership team always leads to proper accomplishment of goals”, says Dinkar. “Also, trust is equally necessary thence, we take a very hard stand and communicate the level of involvement required to lead the projects and provide for clients requisite”, he adds further.

Future Roadmap
Today possessing 24+ years of experience in sales management, having enabled 14,000+ business professionals, coached 300+ companies, and spent 19+ years in sales performance consulting, Dinkar is an exemplary business coach. To enable success in the Organizational development projects, what Dinkar offers differently is the depth of involvement, authentic feedback and huge conviction to being politically incorrect. It is only his keen adeptness that has made all his three companies highly successful in building leadership capabilities, and executivelevel readiness for clients to meet the business challenges and opportunities.

“If you verily look at it, we have pragmatically evolved in the last eight years. However, these years have been interesting years to work too witnessing further opening up of the economy, GST implications, demonetization, then COVID, then war, and disruptive AI. Everything was like a jazz of complex situations, but at the same time, sentiments were very high. There’s a huge opportunity to grow and that’s what keeps people going and organizations growing. Hence, I too wish to be a part of this global genre and keep transcending ahead helping businesses promisingly to scale ahead and grow in their business journey”, concludes Dinkar.