Jayant Hudar: Transforming Business Profits With Formula Based Consulting

  Jayant Hudar,   International Speaker

Jayant Hudar

International Speaker

When your business hits a growth plateau, it’s akin to hitting a roadblock on your journey to success. It’s a moment that demands more than a superficial solution; it requires a strategic over haul. Think of it as performing surgery to eliminate the underlying issues. This ‘surgery’ delves deep into various aspects of your business, from the owner’s mindset to staff behaviour, training deficiencies, growth strategies, execution effectiveness, sales and marketing approaches, and even the transition from manual systems to advanced technology and software solutions.

Known for his candid, straightforward approach, Jayant Hudar has over 18 years of experience in the coaching and consulting field, including collaborations with international consulting firms. With Jayant, you can anticipate receiving ‘Just in Time Wisdom’ for your business a no-nonsense approach to achieving business growth. Take his advice, apply it to your business, and start seeing results right from day one. In the constantly changing world of entrepreneurship, businesses often grapple with the complexities of growth and competition. This is where the School of Business Wisdom, under the guidance of Jayant Hudar, a seasoned business growth expert, comes into play. Armed with a proven scientific marketing makeover formula, this dynamic team is wholly committed to fostering the prosperity and triumph of businesses. With Jayant’s extensive 30+ years of experience and a track record of assisting over 1200+ coaching and consulting clients worldwide, envision the wealth of wisdom and invaluable advice that awaits your business.

At the heart of their approach is a deep understanding of the Nine Core Elements that make marketing truly effective. By harnessing these elements, the School of Business Wisdom empowers both existing business owners and startups to compete with industry giants and increase profits without massive marketing investments.

The School of Business Wisdom is passionately committed to turbo charging business growth without the burden of extravagant marketing expenses. Their forte lies in optimizing existing resources and tailoring strategies to suit the unique needs of each business.

The Rise of Business Coaching & Consulting
In today’s India, business coaching and consulting are on the rise. Just as athletes rely on coaches to achieve peak performance, business owners are turning to experts to accelerate their growth. This trend isn’t limited to new entrepreneurs even well-established businesses, with decades of history, are recognizing the importance of expert guidance.

Their coaching framework consists of five stages Transformation, Lead Generation, Conversion, Maximization and Systemization. By employing these stages and leveraging technology, businesses experience rapid growth, as evidenced by their extensive track
record of successful implementations worldwide.

Scientific Marketing Make over: A Game-Changer
Their flagship program, Scientific Marketing Makeover’, is a game-changer in the world of business growth. It takes existing marketing and sales strategies and supercharges them with their nine core elements. The results are often so transformative that the need for a traditional sales department can become redundant.

Industries & Clients
Jayants clientele ranges from businesses with a turnover of 1 crore to colossal corporations worth $5 billion, both in India and worldwide. However, the School of Business Wisdom primarily focuses on serving the vast small and medium enterprise(SME) market, which constitutes around 96 percent of India’s business landscape. Their expertise lies in assisting entrepreneurs who find themselves trapped beneath a glass ceiling, providing the necessary guidance to shatter these limitations. Their diverse clientele encompasses over 160 business verticals, encompassing product manufacturing, professional services, retail, and the healthcare industry.

Global Competition & Transformation
What sets the School of Business Wisdom apart is their hands-on, real-world approach. Unlike traditional consulting firms, their methods are firmly grounded in practical experience. They’ve collaborated with over 1500 chartered accountants and assisted more than 27,000 business owners across the globe. Through this extensive engagement, they’ve gathered invaluable feedback and gained deep insights into the most effective tactics and strategies that yield tangible results. You get the benefits from this tremendous wisdom and experience of consulting across the globe and 160+ business verticals.

Jayant understands that today's busy business owners can't afford to waste time. For rapid business growth, they require personalized guidance, 'Just in Time Wisdom Advice' & practical insights leading to exponential profits. He delivers precisely that

A Commitment to Excellence
Jayant emphasizes the importance of going the extra mile and delivering on promises. By providing exceptional value to clients, the brand continues to grow and make a significant impact on businesses across India.

To business owners seeking growth, the School of Business Wisdom offers a straightforward piece of advice: don’t reinvent the wheel. Instead, leverage their tried-and-tested templates, formulas, and methods honed over two decades of experience. Their commitment to helping businesses succeed is evident in their willingness to share their knowledge through webinars and books.

A Global Partnership with CORE ASSET UK
The year 2017 marked a monumental milestone as Jayant forged a transformative partnership with Steve Hackney, the CEO of The Core ASSET from the UK. Together, they introduced world-class business growth coaching to the Indian landscape. This alliance has not only elevated the School of Business Wisdom’s portfolio but has also extended its influence.

Unparalleled Advertising & Marketing Solutions
What sets them apart is their unparalleled advertising and marketing scoring systems and formulas, which are truly in a league of their own. These cutting-edge tools have undergone rigorous development, testing, and optimization over a span of 24 years, rendering them unrivalled in the industry. Such expertise is a rare gem, offering businesses a distinct advantage not found elsewhere. “You must experience the ‘Scientific Marketing Makeover’ Workshop once to know the magic in the consulting framework”, says Jayant.

Looking Toward the Future
Jayant firmly believes that commitment to delivering exceptional value is the cornerstone of business success. Going the extra mile for clients is not just a motto but a way of life for him.

His advice to business owners is simple: there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, rely on tried-and tested methods and templates that have been refined over two decades. Using the Q 52 X Ray audit system to find loopholes and low hanging fruits to make immediate profits and then build a road map using more than 445 growth hacks or options to build a solid foundation of systems to grow a Business Scientifically.