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  Sri Vidya,   Founder

Sri Vidya


In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the industry demands a holistic approach to address the multifaceted challenges faced by organizations and individuals alike. There is an increasing need for competent professionals who can seamlessly bridge the worlds of psychology, coaching, and consulting. The demands are two fold: on one hand, organizations seek to optimize their performance, foster positive workplace cultures, and enhance the well-being of their employees. On the other hand, individuals aspire to excel in their careers, manage stress, and achieve personal and professional balance. This dynamic interplay between organizational and individual needs necessitates the presence of experts who can navigate the complexities of human psychology, leadership, and organizational dynamics.

Sri Vidya is a seasoned psychologist and certified life coach with over fifteen years of expertise in the field of business consulting. She operates with a multifaceted approach, effectively managing two parallel wings of her career. Primarily, Sri Vidya focuses on organizational consulting, specializing in HR payroll, performance management, and leadership programs tailored to small and medium-sized enterprises. Her holistic approach to well-being extends beyond traditional consulting, delving into the realm of employee mental and emotional health. As a life coach, Sri Vidya aids her clients in setting and achieving personal and professional goals while addressing the challenges of stress, anxiety, and emotional well-being.

Coach Vidya
Sri Vidya's executive coaching services, at Coach Vidya, are particularly impactful, targeting C-level executives striving to attain their career goals. She conducts comprehensive psychological assessments to guide individuals in making informed career choices, ensuring that both organizations and individuals invest in continuous growth and leadership development. Sri Vidya's coaching not only benefits the individual but also has a profound organizational impact, enhancing leadership skills, decision-making abilities, team morale, and overall performance.

In the voyage of life, prioritize mental well-being above all else, acknowledge & accept your emotions, for only then can you chart a course towards true success

As a coach, Sri Vidya excels in conflict management, aiding leaders in navigating organizational conflicts and fostering improved relationships with colleagues. Her coaching framework yields tangible results, helping individuals advance in their careers while enhancing the overall work environment and productivity.

Techniques Employed
“As a psychologist, life coach, and business consultant with over fifteen years of experience, I firmly acknowledge the inherent uniqueness of every individual. I firmly believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and I am committed to crafting personalized approaches for each person I work with. To achieve this, I meticulously assess personality traits, emotional well-being, and unique needs, tailoring my guidance to each specific situation. Whether it involves personal transformation, organizational change, or leadership development, I adapt my approach dynamically to foster growth, improve decision-making, and enhance empathy, always considering the vital role of organizational culture in an individual's journey to holistic well being and achievement,” asserts Sri Vidya.

Importantly, Sri Vidya recognizes that genuine change can only happen when the individual is open to it. Resistance to self-improvement can be a formidable barrier, but for those who are receptive, executive coaching can be transformative. In cases where coaching is initiated by an organization, Sri Vidya and her team work to build a rapport with the individual, helping them understand the tangible return on investment (ROI) of their coaching journey. “This pragmatic approach involves setting and measuring SMART goals, addressing work life balance, and highlighting the inter-connectedness of personal and professional behavior. I firmly believe that the ability to manage oneself transcends any specific life domain and is the key to resilience and success in all aspects of life”, concludes Sri Vidya.