The Shri Ram Universal School, Bengaluru: Blending Tradition with Modern Learning

Shylaja Menon,  Principal

Shylaja Menon


In today’s competitive world, the imperative for holistic student development is more pronounced than ever. Traditional education, focused solely on academic achievements, proves inadequate in preparing students for the diverse challenges ahead. Holistic development involves nurturing not just intellectual growth but also fostering emotional intelligence, social skills, creativity, and resilience, empowering students for the future. Acknowledging this essential need, The Shri Ram Universal School, Bengaluru, takes deliberate steps to cultivate well-rounded individuals, seamlessly merging ancient Indian traditions with modern learning principles. The Shri Ram Group of Schools are progressive, curriculum-driven K12 schools founded in the year 1988 by Padmashree Manju Bharat Ram. Shri Ram is the Founder of the Shri Ram Group of Institutions, carrying forth the Legacy of The Shri Ram Group in the Premium Institutions, The Shri Ram College of Commerce and The Lady Shri Ram College For Women. The schools have been featured among the best schools in India since 2008.

School’s curriculum transcends academic confines, fostering intellectual, emotional, and social growth. Going beyond conventional norms; the school adopts a philosophy rooted in the belief that every child is inherently unique, possessing distinct abilities. This philosophy sets the tone for an education system that is not just about imparting knowledge but empowering students holistically.

Holistic Growth Hub

The campus of The Shri Ram Universal School in Bangalore is meticulously crafted to foster holistic development, aligning with the school's mission and vision. Nestled in Chokkanahalli, North Bangalore, the school's expansive 4.5-acre campus offers a peaceful setting for learning. The architecture and layout are designed to create a vibrant and engaging atmosphere, and the classrooms transcend traditional setups, providing active learning spaces for productive outcomes.

The emphasis is on experiential and progressive learning, steering away from a textbook-driven system. This flagship school in Karnataka, part of the renowned Shri Ram Group of Schools, follows the philosophy that 'Every Child is Unique', dedicated to optimizing innate abilities while consciously customizing learning experiences for each child.

The campus boasts extensive sports facilities, including swimming, skating, Taekwondo, cricket, and an Olympic-sized athletic track. Additionally, the school provides football and basketball courts, an indoor auditorium, and specialized labs like the robotic lab. For arts and culture, the school offers a dance theater, music facilities, and visual arts spaces. To create a conducive learning environment, the school has incorporated Zen spaces, recognizing the importance of open areas for enhancing the child's overall learning experience.

Nurturing Mental & Spiritual Growth

The school prioritizes the mental and spiritual growth of students by focusing on the 'happiness quotient'. This involves creating a cheerful and emotionally supportive environment that multiplies the learning experience. The school actively supports children emotionally, fostering happiness and emotional strength. Customizing learning is a key aspect, requiring a conducive and cordial atmosphere. Clear expectations are set in classrooms to promote active engagement, creating a happy and positive school culture. The management, following a positive discipline trend, rejects traditional policies and emphasizes logic and reasoning in setting expectations. This approach contributes to a fear-free environment, underlining the importance of happiness for success in every child.

Shaping Future Leaders

The Child-Centric and Experiential curriculum, exclusive to all Shri Ram Group Of Schools, focuses on fostering creativity and collaborative learning. They believe in the Supreme Art of awakening joy in creative expression and knowledge. The school anticipates and addresses future student needs, emphasizing essential skills from early years, ensuring active engagement, critical thinking, and holistic development. “We promote 'Collaborative and Active Learning Trends' at all levels and incorporating progressive learning trends like Deer Program, Deed Program, Bala, Role Play, Think Labs, Wonder Time, Public Speaking, and several other innovative pedagogical tools, we strive for 'Holistic Development'. As a socially responsible and inclusive school, we ensure that no child is left behind, actively contributing to the betterment of our community", says Shylaja.

Student-Teacher Relationships at Happy & Great School

Great Schools stand out by surpassing the ordinary, offering more than just decent education. The Shri Ram Universal School prioritizes academic excellence, student engagement, a supportive environment, topnotch infrastructure, dedicated teaching, and active parental involvement. Operating as a Happy School, The Shri Ram Universal School believes in 'Parents as the Partners'fostering effective communication, maintaining transparent school-home connections, and encouraging parental participation in various activities and workshops. As a Great School, it provides a unique identity to every child and making a significant mark in the education industry.

To achieve this, student-teacher relationships are pivotal, ensuring that the school's values are reflected in every aspect of the learning experience. The goal is not just academic excellence but also the provision of ample opportunities for real-time learning experiences, aligning with the national education policy's focus on competency based learning.

Shaping Modern Minds

The school recognizes the imperative role of technology in education and has seamlessly integrated it into the curriculum for over a decade. This integration aims to reach every learner, supplementing and complementing conceptual information. The emphasis is on exploring and fostering inventiveness, aligning with the legacy of the Shri Ram Group of Schools. The school's teaching approach incorporates visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile methods, setting it apart as a top-tier institution.

Fostering Growth beyond Knowledge

Looking ahead, the school envisions securing a position in the top 10 list within the next five years. The focus remains on fostering growth beyond knowledge, encouraging competence, independence, and resilience. The five year Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP) provides a clear roadmap for success, emphasizing holistic development and progressive transformation across all Sri Ram Universal School campuses. “The goal is not just to stand out in Bangalore but to make a mark nationwide, reflecting the school's commitment to offering the best for every child", says Shylaja.