The Learning Umbrella: Designed to Ensure Comfort and Safety of Children

Roopal Sagi, Principal & Co-Founder,Radhika Raj, Vice Principal & Co-Founder
Roopal Sagi,Principal& Co-Founder
Radhika Raj,Vice Principal& Co-Founder

Over the years the role of a woman has evolved from taking care of the families to managing businesses in the corporate world. Though the society has transformed from traditional to modern, the issue of childcare still remains a massive barrier to work for the working class women. The Principal and Co-Founder of The Learning Umbrella, Roopal Sagi, started her journey in the corporate world for more than 12 years, had an insight into the pain and uncertainty that the working mothers were going through concerning their child with respect to schooling and day care. Her Partner & Co-founder Radhika Raj, a management graduate with over 15 years of experience in overseeing the Educational trust run by her family had her interests vested in learning about the current educational system being practiced, so the culmination of thoughts, good management skills with strong academics worked perfectly for both Roopal and Radhika giving rise to the idea of The Learning Umbrella. It is a progressive pre-school system that provides every child with modern education as per the British National curriculum incorporating the syllabus of CBSE and ICSE schools.

Incepted with a vision to focus on
"The Learning Umbrella believes in fostering a true understanding of numbers, mathematical and scientific concepts, language and age appropriate experiences to ensure optimum learning of each child"

holistic child care and progressive
pre-school system as per the world class levels, The Learning Umbrella believes in fostering a true understanding of numbers, mathematical and scientific concepts, language and age appropriate experiences to ensure optimum learning of each child. The child is encouraged to understand and master their environment, through experiences that are appropriate for their age. The school is spread in a vast area giving a spacious, experiential and activity based learning experience to the children.The strong curriculum acts an important base for learning outcomes and the school infrastructure has been designed to back up the requirements of the learning methods. It includes a Mini Audi and Multipurpose hall, Spacious and well-lit classrooms, Outdoor Sand pit with Jungle gym and slide, Indoor learning, Cycling, Skating track, Creative Art and crafts corner, Multi-faceted Crèche, CCTV in the campus, Children friendly furniture and many more.

“Our pre-school is a child-centric space offering early childhood education to children by the way of experiential and activity-based learning before they begin education at primary school.The Learning Umbrella helps the child to develop an identity of their own by nurturing the child in a very safe space, particularly paying attention to their cognitive, literary,
logical and social skills which helps them build a strong identity
beyond just preschool. The trustworthy and safe environment offered by us provides a comforting environment, not just to the children but also to the parents who are then relived to return back to work. At The Learning Umbrella, we ensure healthy and nurturing space for each and every child to learn and grow,” says Roopal Sagi, The Principal & Co-Founder of The Learning Umbrella.

Being a “All Women Organization” The Learning Umbrella, is strict regarding the safety measures allowing no visitors to enter the premises without approvals. A very stringent policy of the organization revolves around the pickup of a child. The school allots pick-up authorization cards to the parents or guardians of the kids to ensure every child is handed over safely back to the authorized members without any fail. Recognized as the best upcoming pre-school in Hyderabad by Merit Awards and Market research, New Delhi in the year 2017, Best Infrastructure amongst Preschool in Hyderabad by the GTF Women’s Excellence Awards in 2018 and also being listed asone of the Best Day Care centers in Hyderabad in in 2018,in the coming times, The Learning Umbrella envisions evolving as one of the most sought-after Pre-school and Day care in the city with its branches spread across various sectors of the city.