The Learning Insights: Crafting Customized Learning Solutions For New Age Learners

 Sharat Sharma,  Chief Facilitator

Sharat Sharma

Chief Facilitator

In this day and age, technology and digital learning have gained the upper hand in people's personal and professional lives. Organizations are now using e-Learning platforms to train their employees, through corporate training. The corporate leadership training market size is expected to increase by $18.59 billion from 2021 to 2026, and the market's growth momentum will accelerate at a CAGR of 9.51 percent. The Learning Insights, established in 2013, specializes in designing and delivering customized training solutions for corporate entities across India. Its programs aim to build self-aware leaders who are constantly seeking to raise the bar and are focused on achieving the next level of performance.

Transactional to Transformational Training
Organizations often mention that most leadership training programs offer just a transfer of knowledge and remain transactional. Most clients express that the business mandates give them little time to invest in upskilling, which is why they need quality results quickly. Designing outcome-based training that delivers quality quickly is a significant challenge. To address this challenge, The Learning Insights offers its programs in formats that suit the needs of the client with its byte size learning to busy professionals, fast track learning for professionals who are open to investing time but have limitations, and journey based long term program for those who are fully invested. Over the past eight years, it has served clients from various industries,

including IT, ITES, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Aerospace, Electronic & Engineering, Banking & Finance, MSMEs, Automobile, and more. "Our experienced trainers design and deliver the best learning experience to enhance the productivity and performance of employees at every level in the organization", says Sharat Sharma, Chief Facilitator.

The Learning Insights' mission is to build self-aware leaders who are inspired to create a happier workplace. It offers training in communication, technology, leadership, and career development. Its signature offerings include, The Next Level Leadership, Communicate with Impact, Productivity on Purpose, Being A Powerful Presenter, Navigate: Decision-making, Mastering Conversations, Brand You, Power Of Influence, and Being An ACE Team. These programs are offered in three formats byte size learning, fast track, and long term journey based. Its programs adopt a learner centric approach and empower the learner with tools and strategies that create positive and sustainable behavior shifts. "We support employees' growth, learning, and upskilling and help them transition into various roles at various organizational levels", adds Sharat.

The Learning Insights'three step approach of aligning, designing, and delivering an outcome allows it to customize the solutions and creates tangible value for its clients

The Learning Insights' three step approach of aligning, designing, and delivering an outcome allows it to customize the solutions and creates tangible value for its clients. It stands out in the industry due to three factors well-researched and updated content that addresses the needs of the modern day learner, customizing elements at each step i.e. from need analysis, tool allocation, content creation, and project based individual assessments and feedback. Its programs capture the participant's progress at every step allowing the organizations and individuals to know the growth and outcomes accomplished. Its pool of 110+ trainers, facilitators, and consultants ensure that the training programs are seamlessly executed irrespective of the region and language.

The Learning Insights aims to become India's most preferred leadership talent enablement (training) partner. From an operational standpoint, it will focus on expanding further in India in the coming five years and plans to enter the international markets later. From a strategy standpoint and keeping in mind the clients embracing the hybrid working model, it will focus on strengthening its offerings by creating blended learning opportunities for the learners.