The Kids Company: Learning Made Fun with a Combined Curriculum

Kavita Vyas,FounderNo two children are the same;each one is unique and special with an entirely different set of abilities and understanding, and hence there is no single way to teach a child. Unlocking a child potential is an art and this is possible only by recognizing a child as a radically distinctive person and engineering an approach specifically for that child. Rooted in this belief, The Kids Company (TKC) was established in 2013 incorporating a curriculum which is fun, caters to the needs of Indian schooling system and meets the different learning style of the kids. This Mumbai-based preschool/daycare is the brainchild of Kavita Vyas who has more than a decade of experience in dealing with preschool kids in both India and U.S. and believes in molding the kids with the right mix of autonomy and initiative; guaranteeing a fun-filled gala experience.

Teaching with Finesse
“We put the fun in learning. We plan the day for the child, but the
minute we realize the child is losing interest, we change the activity or do it in a different way using a combination of play way, Montessori, and multiple intelligence,” asserts Kavita. Reciprocating the fact that the school lays the foundation of a child’s education, TKC puts its heart and soul in ensuring that it is a happy one. Another striking feature of the school is its affordable fee structure, which enables it to impart top-tier educational service to all and not just the affluent ones.

Reciprocating the fact that the school lays the foundation of a child’s education, TKC puts its heart and soul in ensuring that it is a happy one

Prioritizing the safety of the children, this entirely air-conditioned daycare is fully covered with CCTV cameras and childproofed with padded wooden flooring. TKC follows a habit of sending pictures and videos on Whatsapp and indulges in a phone conversation with mothers as a means of reassuring them that their child is safe in the school. Nourishing kids with a 1:5 caretaker to child ratio, it engages kids in beneficial and refreshing activities like Kids Zumba & yoga, apart from entertaining them through its large playing area with
toys, slides & swings, and IQ building puzzles & board games. TKC also takes daycare children for visits to the garden every week and organizes field trips during vacations. In past, it has taken the tots for swimming in Willingd on Club and Go Bonkers.

Maneuvering Perfection
Contemplating the fact that the physical safety and the emotional security of each child rest on their shoulders, TKC not only implements a curriculum that provides necessary stimulation for the absorbent minds without too much pressure, but also hires academically certified teachers and trains them to use only psychologically proven positive discipline when dealing with kids. For instance, when the word ‘NO’ is used with a child, an alternative has to be provided like ‘Don’t use your hands but your words’ (for a child who is hitting another child), along with other strategies like ‘when and then’ theory. Though a monthly curriculum is provided to the teachers, there is no pressure on them to finish their work in time constraint because that pressure then transfers to the child and learning is hampered. This perfection explains how the school has been able to establish tie-ups with corporates akin to The Tata Power Company and SKP Business Consulting. “We are planning to open more centers in Mumbai to cater quality education in a happy, clean, and safe environment at a reasonable price,” concludes Kavita.