The Elegancia: Offering Safe, Secure and Nurturing Environment for Kids

Swati Tripathi,Director
Swati Tripathi, Director

Most parents give their children plenty of attention in terms of looking after their basic needs and showering them with toys to entertain them. And it’s a dream and desires of almost every parent to admit their offspring in a playschool which is a replica of their home. With a child’s early year’s playing a pivotal role in shaping and defining their future, it is essential to choose the right environment for the children to spend their time in. Situated in the ‘City of Pearls – Hyderabad’, The Elegancia is one such playschool that lays emphasis towards achieving excellence in building foundation for life-long Journey by putting efforts into the total development of each child in spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical behaviors.

A perfect learning centre for the kids, The Elegancia guides the kids to unleash their potential to contribute and thrive in a
"The Elegancia believes that life long journey starts from a pre-school that helps to build a meaningful relationship with each child and their family along with their teachers."

technologically driven global society. The organization believes that life long journey starts from a pre-school that helps to build a meaningful relationship with each child and their family along with their teachers. “We provide quality education at the grass root level of childhood. We have combination of integrated syllabus which involves activities such as Music, Karate, Skating, Dance, Phonics and Sports; and academics where we have phonics class that helps to regain the reading habits and junior Abacus program to help students play with numbers at very early age. At Elegancia, we believe that the best education system entangles the parents, children and schools at the right point, hence, our USP is the ‘Support, Feedback and Trust’ from the parents. They are the most important pillars of child growth!” says Swati Tripathi, Director, The Elegancia. Further, Elegancia also offers additional facilities such as Talking Pen- an equipment used for fun-filled learning, Imaginative play Corner, Toddler Gym, Kids Yoga corner, Let’s Talk Corner, Explorer Corner and Library corner. All these make learning
happy game, helping children to enhance their potential in a joyful way.

The Elegancia believes that a safe, happy and healthy environment is important for the little ones to learn, grow and play gracefully. Hygiene and cleanness are given importance to form healthy habit among the children, hence, the campus is spacious and environment friendly and built in a very peaceful area wherein children can enjoy and learn in a stress-free environment. Elegancia strictly uses non-toxic material and play items; and the organization ensures that each every corner of campus is under 24/7 CC TV surveillance.

Set up in early 2018, in just 4 months Elegancia has gained good recognition which eventually translated into admissions.“At Elegancia, we constantly work towards improving the quality of the education and unleashing the potential of the children. We are constantly introducing new concepts like Junior Abacus, Smart Phonics and many more, which are best in class and value for money for the parents. In the years to come, we are looking forward to investing in a holistic educational experience that empowers students to become global citizens, life- long learners and critical thinkers,” concludes Swati.