Tata ClassEdge: Delivering Technology-Driven Products & Services to Improve Teaching-Learning Outcomes

Milind Shahane,CEO

Milind Shahane, CEO

Unlike traditional education system that follows conventional form of teaching, today’s modern education imparted via technology is more rooted in personalization. But we need to identify technologies that strengthen teaching-learning experiences and reject those that divert students’ attention from real learning. Hence, technology solutions targeted at schools should be designed to improve teacher capability and not replace them. “At Tata ClassEdge, this has been our consistent focus. Our solution has been designed primarily to support teachers to teach better, drawing more interaction and participation from their students,” asserts Milind Shahane, CEO, Tata ClassEdge.

In fact, the firm first explores the technology that is functional & beneficial to teachers and students, and later improvises it based on an iterative process and constantly monitors its usage. Tata ClassEdge’s instructional framework Multiple Learning Experience (MLEx), blends hands-on activities, classroom discussions, projects and digital experiences to engage every learner in class. Further, its about-to-be-released after school solution (with partnership with Knewton) focuses on personalizing learning for students based on their current levels of
understanding, while its apps connect schools, parents and teachers creating a seamless ecosystem for all the key stakeholders.

"Our solution has been designed primarily to support teachers to teach better, drawing more interaction and participation from their students"

This is why Tata ClassEdge is a proud winner of several awards akin to ‘Best Innovative Learning Tools at the Indian Education Awards 2017’,‘Best e-Learning Company by Stars of the Industry Group, and DNA 2017’ and a lot more.

Solutions for All Stakeholders
Tata ClassEdge’s core product ‘ClassEdge Lx’ is based on its own, proprietary instructional framework ‘MLEx’, which recommends a variety of activities, both digital and offline, to improve understanding and creative & critical thinking, among students. Milind says, “Since each school follows a plethora of textbooks in its curriculum, we map the content of ClassEdge Lx to the textbooks used by each school to facilitate seamless teaching-learning experiences in classrooms”. Till date, Tata ClassEdge has mapped its content to over 500 publishers and 7,000 textbooks. Besides textbook mapped supplementary digital material like videos and animations, the company also provides access to lesson plans designed by educationists who have exposure to international teaching methods.

“We believe that the most critical success factor in our partnership with schools is the acceptance & usage of our products in the
classrooms,” speaks Milind. Hence as a collaborative partnership between Tata ClassEdge and City Montessori School, Lucknow (a first time in India), the company has introduced MATE, an end-to-end measurement driven model where it takes the complete responsibility for teacher training, acceptance, adoption and effective usage of technology by teachers in the classrooms.

A combination of virtual laboratories and simulations, Tata ClassEdge's LabEdge helps students, for instance, alter variables like population and industrial pollutions and witness the environmental outcomes. Its roster of offerings further includes educational games (GameEdge), interactive maps, diagram makers, assessment creation tools, question banks mapped to difficulty levels, language lab to enrich spoken English, hands-on learning, and a series of textbooks focused on values, life skills and critical thinking.

A report by McKinsey & Co says that, nearly a quarter of a school’s impact on student's achievement is attributed to the principal. Tata ClassEdge has hence designed a one-day course called Conclave to give them personalized feedback on how they can enhance their leadership skills.

Tata ClassEdge today is the proud partner of 1,500 schools covering 25,000+ classrooms, impacting over one lakh teachers and 1.8 million students. Witnessing exponential growth for the past five years, the company is well prepared to go those extra miles to deliver state-of-the-art technology-driven products & services to improve teaching-learning outcomes.