Swift Solution: Rendering Comprehensive Services in Overseas Education Consultancy under One Roof

Rakesh Vyas & Vanita Vyas,Directors
Rakesh Vyas & Vanita Vyas

A recent report finds that 88 % of Indian parents are keen on sending their children abroad for higher studies. With more and more students and families aspiring for a greater future by opting for overseas education mainly because of the availability of courses, global exposure and the culture of research based curriculum, the number of challenges is also mounting up along with the field. Right from course selection to accommodation and funding, students face a lot of confusions and challenges in between and only a few find reliable answers. Addressing this specific challenge, Swift Solution, a well-known overseas education consultancy firm, has taken up a unique initiative to deploy latest information dissemination technologies for rendering very specific answers to student’s questions,thus facilitating easy and secured admission in right foreign university.

Established in 1998, this highly experienced consultancy firm provides comprehensive services related to foreign education, immigration as well as business and visitor visa services, all under and visitor visa services, all under one roof. Their array of services
includes counselling sessions,choosing the right education stream and the most appropriate country, admission process with the leading universities of that country, complete hand-holding for the visa processes and support to avail financial assistance from banks. “At Swift Solution, we use all the latest technologies to help students in the entire process of overseas education. We have started developing mobile user friendly Mini-Guides in local language and English, which provide very specific, yet easy to understand answers to a student’s questions. All of the official correspondence with the student, visa authorities and university administrations is done through e-mail to maintain clear track records and ensure complete transparent proceedings. Above all, our services do not only end with the student arrival in the foreign country, but we extend fully support to help the students gel with the culture of the new country and provide them full assistance in finding lodging and boarding service with like-minded students,” explains Rakesh Vyas, Director, Swift Solution.

Swift Solution follows ISO 9001:2008 standards and has developed a stringent mechanism to ensure complete compliance to all the applicable rules and regulations. Acknowledging that every candidate’s admission processes with the universities and relevant visa requirements and regulations are different from each other, this pro-fessionally managed company delivers well-personalised solutions and services. Rakesh shares, “We have predefined standard operating procedures for overall
process; we focus on each and every student. We provide students 'A path to success with bright future'.Completely customized, individual centric counselling and services are the USP of Swift Solution.”

Recognized as a member of many reputed institutions and organizations including Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI)and EU Chamber, Swift Solution is an Authorized Education Registered Counselling Centre by Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat (KCG), Gujarat University. “Though we provide services across the world, we are renowned as the Expert of Education in Singapore. We have our own full-fledged office in Singapore. Our rich experience spread over two decades, deep understanding of students’ aspirations and abilities, and live interactions with scores of universities across the globe have helped us gain profound insights of overseas education. There fore, we don’t just help students to secure admission in foreign universities of their choice, but going much beyond that, we help nurture better future for students by guiding them towards the career path that is most suitable to them. At Swift Solution, the deep satisfaction of being able to nurture careers outweighs revenues, but we are happy to state that the satisfaction and revenues are growing equally at a most pleasing rate. We are proud of our services and contribution in the lives of the students we serve and will continue the same with zero tolerance on quality,”Rakesh concludes.