Stratbeans Consulting: One Umbrella Solution For Tools, Team, And Content For Corporates Digital Transformation

Pradeip Agarwal,COOA pulsating domain across the globe, the e-learning platform is playing a key role in harnessing the current educational scenario. Arresting the novel technological innovations of the 21st century, the e-learning platform in India is also upsurging exponentially and influenced byvarious factors such as ease of learning, flexibility, and a wide range of study materials, the industry is expected to reach INR 360.3 billion by 2024.

Pragmatically contributing to the domain of e-learning, Stratbeans Consulting has surfaced as a creative technology company through seamless creative content and well-advanced digital platforms. A leading provider of Customised E-learning, Learning Management Systems(LMS), and Marketing Content, Stratbeans Consulting is one of the top e-learning companies in India by offering top-notch digital learning products and solutions.

Guiding organizations to explore the idea of interactive online training and testing, Stratbeans Consulting offers trial and licenses for many useful products and services which make online learning a reality. Through various flagship offerings such as Learning Management System (LMS), Sales Enablement Platforms, Knowledge Management System (KMS), Stratbeans Consulting has been delivering multi-dimensional concept products to match the requirements of the modern e-learning market. "We have administrative tools including MIS for training managers to track and manage learner's progress and ensure digital content development using DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) tools.
Converting any content into interactive videos, simulations, e-Learnings, micro-learnings and gamified learning material, we have emerged as one-stop shop for tools, team, and content for online corporate training. More than 150 large corporates and educational institutions use ATUM Learning Management System (LMS) provided by us as online training portal for assessment, certification and video-based teaching and over 98,000 organizations globally use Articulate 360 for creating interactive video-based training material and product demos," Pradeip Agarwal, COO, Stratbeans Consulting.

He adds, Enabling successful online learning programs integrated with intuitive online platforms and interactive video-based content for learners, Stratbeans Consulting believes the most important processes of e-learning residing in understanding the client's need, learning objectives and audience. "Helping our customers in nit just implementation but in marketing it internally for higher usage to bring the desired ROI, we have implemented a strong team of business analysts who work on client projects like their internal team and make it successful by introducing all of the latest technology and knowledge about e-learning on a global level. We understand the customers and audience along with their learning process and targeted outcomes and try to work around that. Our customers are from various industries like manufacturing, BFSI, Automobile, QSR, Oil and Gas and majorly coming from fortune 500 companies."

We understand the customers and audience along with their learning process and targeted outcomes and try to work around that

Evolved as a paragon of gamification and conceptualization, Stratbeans Consulting offers e-learning for corporate professionals through Chatbot and Smart Search ­ a performance support functionality embedded with technology. "We are catering solutions around sales enablement of our client companies as it is the most vital part of any organization. Thriving intriguingly, the global e-learning market is driven by content and technology. We are well aware of the current framework of the industry and upgrading ourselves along with it. Owing to our global partnerships with various organizations such as Articulate Inc., we are keeping track of the recent innovations happening in the industry.

Being a sales enablement platform leveraging the existing opportunities of the e-learning domain, we offer a complete 360-degree approach in digital transformation, automation and e-Learning space. In the future, we want to introduce new-age e-learning products like sales enablement, LXP, BPO knowledge transfer, KMS, and LMS. We have already started our marketing campaigns around sales enablement and LXP, we are already getting the leads and good traction here," concludes Pradeip Agarwal.