Robonite: Promising Holistic Learning through Robotics & Steam Education

Ravi Sinha & Reena Sinha,Co-FoundersWith the nation marching towards achieving $1.97 trillion worth GDP growth over the next decade, the need of the hour is to bridge the skill gap that exists within the country. As observed by corporate India, out of the 15 million youngsters that enter the workforce each year, 65 percent to 75 percent are either not ready for jobs or are unemployable. With technology becoming even more pervasive than ever before, there is an evolution in job roles. Due to the changing market scenario, there is an urgent urge from the industry to bridge the skill gap in India. Launched in 2015, Skill India Mission by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship(MSDE) is an initiative by the Govt. of India to create convergence across sectors and states in terms of skill training activities and to achieve the vision of ‘Skilled India’.

"Robonite has been curated in such a way that it acts as a catalyst to enhance the very important social skills by the way of working in teams, presentation skills, and more"

Contributing to the vision of enhancing the growing India’s skill sets is Cognite Intellectual Services. Headquartered in Raipur, the idea of Cognite Intellectual Services is to catch them young and provide high quality extracurricular self development tools that help children learn the skills essentially required in academics as well as skills for life. “At Cognite Intellectual Services (CIS), the idea is to bring many ways to enhance skills which could be studies, assessments, interventions, extracurricular activities or even sports. We intend to bring forward best in the class programs and services which are well renowned and have a global presence. We have expanded our horizon in terms of our offerings and implementation of those offerings to such an extent that we not only enhance the academic knowledge but also immensely boost the confidence of the child leading to a more learned than an educated future India”, says Ravi Sinha, Founder & CEO, Cognite Intellectual Services.

ROBONITE A Smarter Ways of Skilling and Educating
Owing to the rising popularity of robotics and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) education, Cognite is currently vesting its focus on working on using Robotics as a tool to impart STEAM education. ROBONITE is a CS-STEAM Education platform by Cognite that brings forth an activity based hands-on learning system that can be applied to engage students in designing and building exciting robots using LEGO Mindstorms robotics kits, thereby enhancing mathematical, reasoning and logical skills. ROBONITE has been curated in such a way that it acts as a catalyst to enhance the very important social skills by the way of working in teams, presentation skills, and more. Being based on LEGO Education products a world leader in hands-on learning products for students, ROBONITE solutions are not just effective but can also be implemented in schools at an affordable cost.

“ROBONITE Programs is our pioneering initiative where students learn the concept of Robotics from basic level to advance robotics. The curriculum is for almost 32 - 35 sessions in an academic year spanning over seven years, wherein each topic of Robotics is correlated with various prevailing and upcoming realtime applications. Students are
also taught programming using a simple GUI based interface where students develop logic and reasoning ability. The program enhances students’ ability to think with problem solving attitude. Offering access to the fun centric learning experience, ROBONITE also ensures that the learners have hands on learning experience to face the challenges of daily life. These hands-on learning solutions helps students bridge the gap between key theoretical concepts and their realworld applications this concept is being used by globally leading institutions such as Carnegie Mellon, MIT and Tufts”, elaborates Reena Sinha, Co-Founder and Head of Operations, Cognite Intellectual Services.

Cognite intellectual services, a registered MSME startup india organization has offices in chhatisgarh, odisha and north west bengal and presence in 4 other states

Thriving on Experience and Quality
Today, education leaders are waking up to the importance of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education, use of technology and hands-on learning in primary, middle and higher education. Students must learn the application of core STEAM Concepts and acquire essential life skills in order to become creators and innovators of technology rather than just being followers. Professionals agree that the inclusion of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (the popular STEAM) in early education provides a strong motivation for students to pursue programs related with STEAM which are known to foster the economy in industrialized countries. “Although educators advocate the importance of these areas, little is done in the classroom to foster scientists and mathematicians, let alone technologists and engineers. Most curriculums include several concepts that cover science and math, but the emphasis applied is on literacy (recitation of concepts) not in the method of scientific inquiry, problem-solving, and number sense”, adds Reena Sinha.

Trying to augment the existing learning system or curriculum that the schools are following, Cognite Intellectual Services does not bombard the additional information which might not be relevant to the children because every child may not want to pursue science or math for his/her future higher education. The firm believes that the programs have to be holistic in a way that both the teachers and students should be benefited out of it. This approach is one of our major differentiating factors and the adoption of this technique makes all the difference, allowing students to grasp the topics much more easily than ever before.

Cognite Intellectual Services, a registered MSME Start-up India organization has offices in Chhatisgarh, Odisha and North West Bengal and presence in 4 other states. Established in 2013 with few students, today, Cognite Intellectual Services has come a long way since inception with over 30000 students benefitting through their various programs. As far as its ROBONITE Robotics & STEAM Education program is concerned, the firm had started working on the concepts four years ago and it took one year for Cognite to finalize the content. Ever since it has been three years since the firm has begun implementing ROBONITE programs across schools. Cognite Intellectual Services aspires to be the leading STEM education provider in India whose certifications will be valued across the globe.

A GeM approved STEM Education Solution provider with a proven track record of establishing world-class STEAM Education Labs in Schools, Cognite also extends Turnkey Solution for Atal Tinkering Lab setup at schools approved by Niti Aayog, GoI. Sharing the future roadmap of Cognite Intellectual Services, Ravi Sinha highlights, “In the next three years’ time, we aspire to be a million-dollar firm. In terms of academic and technical advancements, we are working on creating content that anybody can use across any platform.

The importance would be given to implementing the learning value because I don’t think hardware is unimportant for a child in school but learning the content and concept should be given more value. Content is becoming universal and to keep up with it, our aim is to expand into undergraduate and pre-primary sectors of education. By the end of next year, our content for undergraduate programs will be ready and we look forward to implementing it.”

Currently, associated with many schools and institutions for various activities specially designed for students from Kindergarten to Post Graduation and further for career oriented vocational training programs, Cognite Intellectual Services is continuously striving to bring new and advance ways to contribute towards the country’s growing skillset.