Srisha Robotics Academy: Promising Future-Based Learning Activities to Encourage Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Shashikanth Srinivas,FounderEquipping the young minds with progressive knowledge and training, STEM Education has emerged as a distinctive phenomenon that caters to the existing demand of the education sector. Envisaging the introduction of novel trends that underlines the features of industry-specific knowledge rather than theoretical learning, many STEM platforms mushroomed in the country with a mission to reinvent the Indian educational standard.

One such name which remains distinguished owing to its premium robotics training and innovative teaching standards, Srisha Robotics Academy is engaged in future-based learning activities to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship among the young people. A member of `All India Council of Robotics and Automation', Srisha Robotics Academy trains students to bring out their creativity and contemporary skills coupled with Logical and Analytical thinking ability through exciting and newfangled training programs in Robotics.

Established in 2018, the institution has been gathering a lot of acknowledgment and appreciation by the virtue of its top-notch Workshops, Academic Programs, Innovation Labs, Programming, AI and ML labs, and Project guidance. "We offer Coding and Programming lab with different technologies like AI, ML, Python, App development, 3d Designing, Ardunio and so on. We have been helping schools and colleges who opt for robotics training by investing and setting up labs such as Tinkering and Innovation Lab setup with AI capability, Robotics Lab, IoT Lab, 3D Printing Lab, Drone Lab and AR/VR lab. Apart from that we also conduct and
support various robotics workshops, Robotics Expo at schools and colleges, Robotics competition at interschool and district level along with participation in national level competitions. While most of our competitors prefer to go with the standard syllabus, we believe in customizing our programs according to the requirements of each school. Using open hardware rather than proprietary hardware, we help to reduce the cost of hardware for students to enhance STEM learning. We have been engaged with various B2B schools ensuring full-time engineering training at the state-of-the-art lab at a very low cost, starting from just Rs250 per student per month", states Shashikanth Srinivas, Founder, Srisha Robotics Academy.

Pragmatically investing in the time, resources and technology to simplify learning for children, Srisha Robotics Academy has created libraries of its own which not only reduces the complexity of coding but also enables the use of immediate example, creation of real-time prototype for projects, and use of particular prototypes in the home as well as school. "We always prepare students to the current technology stack as we keep adding various technologies like AI, ML, Chatbot, Computer Vision, Auto ML, App Development With AI, IoT on Cloud and so on.

While most of our competitors prefer to go with the standard syllabus, we believe in customizing our programs according to the requirements of each school

Apart from providing assignments, quizzes and challenges on regular basis to students, we always ensure the lessons to be completed on time to maintain the quality and authenticity of our content delivered during the classes. We also emphasize on getting anonymous feedback from students and schools on monthly basis to ascertain the quality of deliverables from our engineers. With a core team of 4 people who have explicable experience in the IT industry varying from 3 years to 12 years, we ensure training our engineers (trainers) on regular basis to deliver quality content," quotes Shashikanth Srinivas.

Gradually moving on to online solutions to benefit more schools and colleges, Srisha Robotics Academy keeps renovating futuristic technologies and develops novel robots on yearly basis to solve genuine problems. "To stay updated with the latest industrial trends and further our company's growth we believe in creating and upgrading to multiple on-line solutions which will also increase more job opportunities. Our core team is determined to identify and upgrade the curriculum, to make sure our employees are upgraded on regular basis. We have 100 percent YOY growth as compared to the previous financial year. We are on a path to provide innovative education at affordable cost and reach a community strength of 1 million people by 2025" concludes Shashikanth Srinivas.