Sperowz: Offering a Caring and Nurturing Ambience that Supports Essential Skills for a Child's Success

Satapathy, Founder

Technology has touched almost everyaspects of human life; even the life of a child too. Earlier, kids used to play with neighborhood kids and enjoy being outside, running around, playing tag and hide and seek, and climbing mango trees and so on. But today, being in this age of internet and electronic gadgets, children would like to spend most of the time on their game app or watching their favorite channel on YouTube. Studies reveal that allowing children to spend more time on gadgets causes slow cognitive development, radiation exposure and attention deficit. Enabling children to learn through their natural desire to learn, Sperowz Early Learning and Activity Center is leading a different way in the education field providing cost effective and experiential early childhood training. The institution not just serves as a preschool but they are also well-equipped to teach children through the story sessions, activities and fun games while empowering the mothers by adding them in the education system. Set up in the busy city of New Delhi, Sperowz is India’s first and most transparent pre-school chain which believes that education should reach each
and every Indian child at an affordable cost.

As the name itself suggests, Sperowz is committed towards providing wings to the young minds, which enables them to fly higher and higher, where only sky is the limit. “At Sperowz preschool, we inspire the community to actively seek knowledge and understanding, think independently, reason critically, and embrace challenge. As science has proved, a child’s mind learns at the fastest pace in the tender age of 2-5years, we believe that the more opportunities they are exposed to during this period, the greater their capacity to learn and discover their unique abilities. So, we at Sperowz make sure that the child grabs the basic concepts while at play, through our unique curriculum based on International Standards,”says Mr.Satapathy, Founder, Sperowz.

Keeping up with its objectives, Sperowz offers a unique range of programmes which includes Infants and Mother Toddler (Wings to Stand) which is a bridge for toddlers from home to a regular school. Sperowz believes that early learning goes well beyond childhood. Its Play Group for 1.5 to 2 years (Wings to Walk) ensures that they make the child as comfortable and our play schools as homely as possible. Other programmes offered by the firm include Pre-Nursery(Wings to Learn) for 2 - 3 years old, Nursery (Wings to Write) for 3 - 4 years; Junior KG (Wings to Fly) for 4 - 5 years’ old, and Senior KG (Wings to Explore) for children between 5 - 6 years’ age. Sperowz is also
coming up with unique teaching programme involving mothers, so the children will get more holistic development and women will be empowered with proper knowledge.

The work culture of the organization differentiates Sperowz from that of its counterpart. Its small class sizes promote individualized instruction and allow teachers to use all the facets of environment to stimulate learning by a warm and caring community. “We train our teachers to analyze or breaking a whole into parts to discover their nature, functional and relationships, applying of standards, discriminating, information seeking, logical reasoning, predicting and transforming of knowledge. We trained them to be lifelong learners to make the kids happy always, teach them to build relationship, expect efforts from them not the perfections, and we train them in an optimistic way with the emotional intelligence,” mentions Satapathy.

Within the span of four years Sperowz is running more than 10 centres and has more than 500 alumni which is one of the biggest milestone achieved by a new comer in the competitive field. Sperowz with a positive outlook has planned to extend its reach by establishing more than 100 centre with approximate of three lakhs alumni by 2021 across India. Sperowz’s core target is to empower women and to emphasize on the skill development by creating jobs for both the urban and the rural areas in the years to come.