Sowani Global : The Admissions Consultants for the Future

Anuradha Sowani,Founder & CEO

Anuradha Sowani

Founder & CEO

Founded and headed by Anuradha Sowani, a graduate of Yale University’s School of Management, Sowani Global is an overseas education consultancy that helps students gain admission to top tier MBA programs in USA, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

‘We help students understand their goals and ambitions, build a strong storyline for themselves and thus assist them in getting admission into the MBA college of their choice,’ says Anuradha Sowani, Founder, CEO, Sowani Global.

The Sowani Global team of consultants are all graduates from top-tier MBA and MS programs and are committed to helping each applicant craft a unique story and a unique application to help them gain admission to the top colleges in the country of their choice. They provide the level of executive, specialized admissions counseling required to gain admission to elite programs.

With a holistic understanding of the entire application process and the nuances of building a strong profile, these admissions consultants hold the keys to crack the admissions requirements of top colleges. With in-depth knowledge and experience, consultants of Sowani Global assist every student individually, with personal guidance and unlimited counseling sessions. The first step of the consultation involves
understanding the aspirations of the student, next involves understanding their profiles and building the storyline, curating excellent cover letter and letters of recommendations and finally targeting the best colleges and converting the applications. The consultancy also streamlines the process of scholarship applications and negotiations. Sowani Global also offers consulting services for students who want to apply for Master’s programs outside of an MBA like a Master’s in Management (MIM) or Master of Science in Business Analytics.

Coping with the Changing Trends
Sowani Global stays at the forefront of the rapidly changing dynamics of the education system. The highly experienced consultancy successfully does that by leveraging its strong network and partnerships both with educational institutions and business school alumni.

We help students understand their goals and ambitions, build a strong storyline for themselves and thus assist them in getting admission into the MBA college of their choice

‘MBA courses are specifically designed to create managers and leaders for firms, companies, product manufacturers and more. The education system responds to corporate and industry needs. We understand this dependency and help students do what’s best for their future and success’, says Anuradha Sowani, Founder and CEO, Sowani Global.

Aiming Big for the Future, Together
Sowani Global aims to successfully help every student gain the exposure and education that admission to an elite university entails. Currently headquartered in Pune, India, Sowani Global offers its services to students spread across the country via online virtual consultation. In the coming years Sowani Global wants to build a robust financial assistance program to assist students in obtaining the finances and loans required to attend elite colleges.

The consultancy is growing rapidly and aims to bring in more expertise and professionals into their organization to effectively cater to the increasing number of students looking for personalized and advanced consultations. 'If you are aiming high and want to get to your career goals faster, we are the perfect partners to help you achieve your dreams,' says Anuradha Sowani, Founder and CEO, Sowani Global.