Smart Steps Preschools: Nurturing Little Ones to become School-Ready

Smitin Brid & Premchand Yadav,Co-Founders
Smitin Brid& Premchand Yadav

One always wonders why the affordability is hindering the access to quality, especially when it comes to the matter of education. Many fancy schools in our city charge a whole lot of money and demand many more investments to access materials and resources. Does one really need that much to access quality education? Does quality always need to mean expensive? These are a few questions that the parents always confront while they search for a Pre School or a Daycare for their little ones. Understanding these predicaments of parents, Smart Steps Preschools was established to promote quality Early Childhood Education among children at an affordable price. Powered by ABLE Educare Private Limited, Smart Steps Preschools believes that Early Childhood Education(ECED gives an indispensable foundation for lifelong learning and development thereby the institution prioritizes the attention to ECED and invests adequately in providing appropriate resources to foster organic learning in the early years of children.

Smart Steps Preschool nurtures Smart Steppers to become school
ready by inculcating values,developing concern for nature, love for the country and respect for individual differences and facilitating life-long-learning. Creating a scalable and sustainable social impact with excellent services, Smart Steps Preschool is not only focused on uplifting millions of underserved children in India through high-quality, holistic education; they also endeavour to empower women in career development and entrepreneurship through various programmes.“Established in the year 2010, Smart Steps Preschool offers diverse programmes ranging from Smart Day-Care, Smart Play Group, Smart Nursery, Smart Junior K.G, Smart Senior K.G, and Smart ECED Course to Smart Parenting. The organization mainly lay emphasis on four verticals, namely a) Smart Steps Preschools - providing quality and affordable early childhood education service to lower income families,b)Smart Steps Institute - providing professional and specialized training,certification and support servicesto all Preschool Practitioners, c)Smart Parenting - for the parents based on experiences and scientific application that offers support and skills to promote successful parenting and happy families and finally,d)Smart Steps App-for sharing learning resources and render support in terms of training, curriculum, material, branding and marketing to other preschools, especially those are running as standalone, without any support system,”says Premchand Yadav, Founder of Smart Steps Preschool.

The firm is creating a benchmark
in the education sector through its unique offerings like context-specific (indigenous)curriculum and content for preschools in India,training and handholding of human resource in ECE, activity and observation based assessment (AOBA)of Preschoolers,engaging parents,low cost and high-quality teaching materials, use of technology in training, special methods for monitoring the preschool operations and technology-led solutions for supporting other standalone preschools. Renowned for skilled and experienced trainers, educators and teachers, Smart Steps Preschool has emerged as a trustworthy name in early childhood education sector.

Within the span of eight years, the organization has established 50 Preschool centers across five states, trained and certified more than 1,500 young women in ECED and has motivated and impacted more than 2,500 families and children. While Smart Steps Preschool is leading an unparalleled success journey in preschool and day care segment, the institute also takes pride in creating various work opportunities for more than 100 women entrepreneurs and teachers with SSPs.

In the coming years, Smart Steps Preschool aspires to establish more preschools nationwide. Keeping their positive attitude forward, the firm also desires to double their revenue in the future and wishes to maximize their student number by reaching 1,00,000 children within next five years.