I-Life: Revolutionizing Education Through Metaverse Experiences

 Ruhi Thakkar, Co-Founder,   Amarnath Chayanam, CEO

Ruhi Thakkar, Co-Founder

Amarnath Chayanam, CEO

In the dynamic realm of today's ever-evolving landscape, the art of skill acquisition stands tall as a gateway to personal and professional triumph. Guiding the way are skill-based EdTech enterprises, revolutionizing the educational paradigm by seamlessly marrying tradition and innovation. Leveraging the prowess of technology, these companies craft bespoke learning solutions tailored to individual aspirations. However, amidst the progress, fissures persist, hindering access to captivating, top-tier educational content. Emerging from the shadows, I-Life emerges as a true game changer, a beacon of brilliance. I-Life bestows upon students the ultimate gift unbridled access to esteemed educators from across the globe, offering a trove of unparalleled and captivating content.

Founded in 2015, I-Life embarked on a visionary journey with Lifedflix as one of the platforms to redefine the educational landscape for young children, specifically those aged 3 to 7. Committed to nurturing these young minds' emotional, social, and physical development I-Life endeavors to shape their holistic growth, ultimately molding them into exemplary adults. I-Life crafts an unparalleled educational experience by embracing this vital period, empowering children to explore and comprehend the world from its earliest moments.“We believe that every child is born intelligent and through education, every child’s learning process can be enhanced. Our Purpose is to make every school have the opportunity to reach their full potential”, speaks Amarnath Chayanam, CEO and Founder.Witness the essence of I-Life an epitome of professional excellence, whose tagline is 'Innovation Inspired By Intelligence'.

I-Life's distinctive approach follows a sophisticated spiral model, perfectly tailored to students' advancement in higher grades. At the core, it nurtures vital 21stcentury skills creative thinking, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. This framework seamlessly extends to technology-focused programs like AI, coding, and robotics, while encompassing finance, marketing, and industry-specific knowledge. With a harmonious blend of teacher guidance and student autonomy, I-Life empowers educators through an intuitive instructional design integrated within their comprehensive teacher's dashboard. “Our methodology involves introducing Real Life Concepts along with the Social and Emotional development of every child in the early years of learning. We are India’s first organization to create a program which provides on-job teacher’s training and development process which encompasses real-time teacher’s classroom, delivery management and effective learning mechanism for students”, says Ruhi Thakkar, Co-Founder and Head of Academics.

I-Life is empowering young minds with knowledge & immersive experiences for a limitless future

The formidable team at, I-Life comprises exceptional individuals with extensive expertise and unwavering dedication to revolutionizing education. Led by visionary CEO and Founder, Amarnath Chayanam, the team combines business acumen and critical thinking to make a lasting impact on children's lives. Ruhi Thakkar, Co-Founder and Head of Academics shapes a holistic curriculum using her profound knowledge of dance and early childhood development. Gayathri Uday, Head of Operations, ensures seamless organizational functioning with her insightful HR expertise. Manas Sarangi, Chief Technology Officer, leverages his extensive IT background to drive technological advancement, and Vijay Koganti is the firm’s second head of technology managing a robust animation team for AR and VR. Gangadharan is the Vice President of Sales responsible for leading the sales team to meet and exceed goals. Together, this extraordinary team sets the stage for, I-Life’s transformative impact, fueled by its commitment and creativity.

The firm’s visionary roadmap leaps into the metaverse, unlocking boundless possibilities. Through immersive experiences using the Oculus system, the company immerses young minds in captivating ecosystems, nurturing skills and expanding horizons. Secrets of electric car engineering, battery development, hydroponics in agriculture, and pressing topics like climate change and sustainable practices come alive. Currently, I-Life is working extensively in Dallas & Huston, Texas USA, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah UAE, and four states in India. I-Life's virtual tours reveal the inner workings of banking, mutual funds, credit management, and the vibrant Moonspell community. This holistic approach empowers young learners with a well-rounded understanding of diverse industries, enabling them to embark on their future careers with clarity and purpose.