Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Hukum Sumpah Pemuda: Nurturing Competent Legal Professionals

Dr. Firman Freaddy Busroh, ,SH, M.Hum, President of the Board Trustees

Dr. Firman Freaddy Busroh,

SH, M.Hum, President of the Board Trustees

Pancasila, known as the ideology and way of life of the Indonesian nation, articulates a set of interrelated principles to undergird Indonesian's liberal democracy. Implementing the rich values of Pancasila, Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Hukum Sumpah Pemuda, popularly recognized as STIHPADA, stands out in the crowd of other institutes in the South-East Asian region. Commenced in the year 1994, STIHPADA specializes in the sphere of law education and commits to handover the high caliber legal studies to the aspiring legal professionals. Tremendous credit to the institute's dedication towards settling upon only the best, STIHPADA has experienced dynamic growth over the years, right from the development of human resources to enhancement of infrastructure and programs among others.

STIHPADA is run as a private University under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and has been accredited by the National Accreditation Agency. Dr. Firman Freaddy Busroh, SH, M.Hum, President of the Board Trustees, STIHPADA says, "We try relentlessly to provide the best support and assistance to our students throughout their academic tenure at STIHPADA. We build them in a way, where they are imbibed with valuable and life-long qualities." The institute currently offers an array of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, besides conducting Advocate Education Program in direct collaboration with Indonesian Advocates Association. This bestows the students of STIHPADA with an incredible opportunity to attain growth and the ability to compete with their peers.

Providing fair scope to the law aspirants, the institute welcomes students from various levels ­ fresh graduates as well as other professionals wishing to foray into the legal world. "We are known for offering affordable education, where payments can be paid in installments. We consider our students' feasibility and holistic growth as a priority," claims Dr. Firman. Responding to the pandemic quickly with appropriate steps, STIHPADA has implemented a seamless admission process, where the entire procedure can also be done through an online system.
Preparing Achievers
A robust institute believes in equipping with a team of qualified faculty members. And STIHPADA, being one such institute, is comprised of lecturers who hold a minimum of Magister of Law qualification. Dr. Firman points out, "For the Magister of Law Post Graduate Program, we have deployed faculty members who possess the qualification of Doctor of Law programs. We ensure that each staff has educational background aligned with their respective works and responsibilities."

The institute administers three flexible classes distinguished as Regular 1, Regular 2, and Regular 3. This categorization is done based on hours of study time, in order to provide the much-needed flexibility for the students. "Now, the lecture hours are even more flexible, as we conduct all the classes via zoom meeting," says Dr. Firman. STIHPADA reflects its uniqueness by sourcing its curriculum from the values contained in Pancasila, ensuring the students become successful in the long run. Dr. Firman adds, "The curriculum is regularly revised as per the new policy set by the current Indonesian government." STIHPADA takes prides in its participation in the Indonesia Association Dean Law Schools and International Association of Law Schools, which helps the institute as well the students to be aware and educated with the latest happenings amidst the law education space.

We consider our students' feasibility and holistic growth as a priority

"Our students are highly motivated to participate in programs such as internships, student exchanges, teaching and learning activities in remote areas, entrepreneurship and others, which are closely monitored by the assigned lecturers," proudly says Dr. Firman. For further enhancement of the students' skills, STIHPADA endows them with specialized English language classes through the Teach cast program under the collaboration of STIHPADA with Teach Cast with Oxford Program.

All-inclusive Outlook
Vesting immense emphasis on the wholesome development of its students, the institute addresses international activities like the concept of an independent campus, with campuses such as University of Kebangsaan Malaysia and International Islamic University Malaysia, where the students attain the right to study three semesters outside the study program and off-campus. STIHPADA promotes theory and practice equally. Dr. Firman shares, "Our students are not only inspired on academic activities but are also encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities, ranging from the moot court, sports and government social working program."

The institute's Institutional Cooperation section serves to establish cooperation with higher education institutions and stakeholders including government, private parties and so on. This considerably facilitates the apprenticeship process of students, community service activities, and other similar activities. Upholding the vision of maintaining its quality for achieving newer heights, STIHPADA altogether stands as a paradise of learning for law aspirants.

Dr. Firman Freaddy Busroh, Sh, M.Hum, President Of The Board Trustees
Possessing a doctoral degree in law, Dr. Firman has garnered ample experience over the past two decades as he has worked in the prosecutor's office of the republic of Indonesia as well as in the ministry of Agraria. He also has a polis Abdi Hukum law office and actively conducts legal consultations.
Location: Sumatera Selatan (Indonesia)