Score Training Academy: Empowering People To Excel Through Ongoing Interventions

R. Manoj Kumar,   CEOThe global leadership development program market size reached US$ 2,547.3 Mn in 2021. Driven by the increasing availability of diverse leadership and personality development programs and courses, the sales of leadership development programs are estimated to reach US$ 7410 Mn by the end of 2032. The corporate leadership training market size is expected to increase by $18.59 billion from 2021 to 2026, and the market's growth momentum will accelerate at a CAGR of 9.51 percent. Established in 2008, Score Training Academy started its journey as a upskill training outfit for retailers in service industries and now engages with businesses that aim to provide best-in-class customer experience and work culture.

With the pandemic and working styles changing, the need to enable Leadership to handle the workforce in a collaborative and visionary manner became all the more imperative. When working for other MNCs, while Grey and White collared staff got enough training and support to perform well, the Blue Collar workers are often left to fend for themselves.

Since the inception of Score, they have ensured that their focus is on soft skills and behavior training for Blue Collars and the leaders who need to be sensitized to grooming them. Score Training Academy has carved its niche over the last 14 years with unique insights and programs and by giving clients the necessary skills and tools to
excel. "Our clients often use Score as a Sounding Board and Transfor mation Initiator not just for challenges or impediments they face, but also as part of their growth plans", speaks R. Manoj Kumar.

Reimagining the Power of People Skill, Reskill, & Upskill
Score Training Academy has always looked to make a difference in the field of L& D, and they have built unique programs that blend skilling with gamification and rewards to enhance learning and participation. Leadership coaching is an integral part of these programs, which helps Leadership stay ahead of the game and build an organization that is People First, has High Trust, and High Performance. There are various training programs at Score Training Academy, such as 3A Program, First Time Manager Program, CuDel, Retail Management coaching programs, EDPs, and many more custom crafted unique programs based on client requirements. The company follows hybrid models where teams are first aligned, and leaders are extensively coached to handle transformative performance. "Score starts with mystery audits and uses observations to draw up tailor made programs to address the gaps", speaks R. Manoj.

Score Training Academy has carved its niche over the last 14 years with unique insights and programs and by giving clients the necessary skills and tools to excel

Score Training Academy's years of experience, coupled with their ability to anticipate and think ahead on the needs of the people, have helped them hit the bull's eye every time. They ensure sustainability and scalability to ascertain long standing relationships with their clients, which has helped the organization to grow. Complex concepts are quickly delivered using an F-E-A-ST philosophy that reflects their approach to L&D. It ensures that the content is Fun, Easy to learn, Affordable to the organization, and learners get access to simple techniques to ensure quick learning and are sustained over more extended periods.

Score Training Academy has an external vision statement directed towards adding value to the lives of its customers and their businesses. They plan to impact three primary organizational environments: Cultural, Systems, and Physical. They plan to partner with organizations by aligning their leaders and staff to the vision and mission, enhancing the employee experience, building tools, systems, and processes, grooming the workforce, and helping them achieve their expected outcomes. "We are looking forward to weaving our Magic with you and creating a mutually beneficial, long lasting association", concludes R. Manoj.