Sri Decor House: One-Stop Shop for Every School Essential

Himachal Pradesh houses a crowd of premierinstitutions and old convents, which started back in time when India was under the colonization of the British rule, inspired by the serenity of its verdant landscape. As these tricky terrains have stalled the urban reach, the institutions had to rely on the local providers for school furnishes, with no scope of customization. Realizing the shifting needs, Abhinav Arora (Founder & CEO, Sri Decor House) picked-up the Herculean task of visiting these institutions and conducted a thorough market research to ideate indigenous furnishing solutions to amend the scenario. Resultantly, he started Sri Decor Housein 1999 offering robust modular furniture, which are ergonomic and student friendly for classrooms, labs and other institutional needs.

The company that today caters to over 200 institutions around Himachal Pradesh(including prestigious convents like St. Edward, Sacred Heart of Shimla and DAVs) had been through tumultuous times. However, the company managed to impress clients by designing a unique product (for instance, rounded corners and better leg-space) which was not yet available in the market, completely based on their feedback. Its quality furnishes accompanied with a three years warranty policy further enabled Sri Decor House to earn client’s trust and led to more word-of-mouth publicity. Today, Sri Decor House stands tall as the sole manufacturer of indigenous models for institutional furniture in North and East India, supplying best deal of quality products at comparative rates.

The company provides a spectrum of products like classroom desks, computer lab to staff room furniture, a full range of Kinder garden series and others, manufactured at its own 10,000 sq. ft. vast production house. The unit is well equipped with latest machineries and welding tools(MIG) for a better detailing, smooth edging and the aesthetic accuracy of the furniture.
Abhinav Arora,Founder & CEO
Besides vesting importance on creating comfortable designs for the themed furniture, Sri Decor House also ensures durable furnishes. It has implemented multiple quality control checkpoints at every step of manufacturing, before the goods leave the facility. Abhinav says, “We maintain a strict motto of distributing the profit among the complete market. Thus, besides our inhouse logistics team, we also have tie-ups with local unemployed youth having their own vehicles for haulage, creating earning provisions under our service umbrella”. The production house is supported by hardworking & skilled workforce and an efficient management team, who streamlines the process for ontime delivery, ensuring better client retention.

Sri Decor House stands tall as the sole manufacturer of indigenous models for institutional furniture in North and East India, supplying best deal of quality products at comparative rates

Providing Smart Classroom Essentials
Sri Decor House has recently ventured into IT supply like automatic school bell (with integrated audio files with custom provisions to add audio files like morning prayers), digital notice boards(for organized record keeping), computer-assisted interactive LED touch-panel boards and broadcasting systems(ensures easy communication and helps monitor & record class room lectures), which would serve as an upgradation for every smart class.

Sri Decor House has also collaborated with multiple dealers and is about to introduce powder coating facility for its furniture. With decades of trusted supply and experience, it still enjoys an annual growth rate of 40 percent. Now, its future goal is to serve more schools with better smart-class setups and to provide for outdoor play stations for children.