Sarem Education: Turning your Overseas Education Dreams into a Reality

 Sarah Ingrid,    CEO & Admission Manager

Sarah Ingrid

CEO & Admission Manager

The overseas education industry in India is growing at a fast rate. Each year, more students are looking for opportunities to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad, leading to increased demand for counselling services. The industry is thus expected to grow at an accelerated CAGR rate of 5.01 percent by the year 2025 and increase to a US $579 million industry. The current overseas education opportunities are no longer restricted to the 2 to 3 big nations but have expanded into a truly global market with students finding the best opportunities across the globe. With 16 years of experience in this field and constantly learning the emerging trends in overseas education, Sarem Education was founded in 2018.

Sarem Education is a pioneer one stop solution firm providing end-to-end solutions to students pursuing overseas education. Founded by a two time award winning overseas education counselor, this firm is well versed with the ins and outs of education and career counseling. The fact that our work has the potential to change the lives of our students.

"That we can assist them in pursuing their education, careers, dreams, and building a future they want. This is what drives us, defines us, and sets us apart we care," says Sarah Ingrid, founder.

Complete Solutions Firm
At Sarem Education, the focus is not just on providing counselling to students but on providing a seamless experience right from figuring out the best path for an individual to pursue down to preparing them for visa interviews and even post-arrival in the desired country and help in finding accommodation. The firm's thirst for excellence in every aspect of education counselling has enabled it to develop strong networks that would make the process streamlined at every step. Catering to students from all walks of life, Sarem understands that the no.1 hurdle facing students is financial strength. As such, they even have a network of financial institutions that help students apply for and get loans for their education. Additionally, based on students' profiles, potential, and desires, the team also finds the relevant scholarships which students can take advantage of to lessen the financial burden.

A critical element that sets Sarem apart from its competitors is its motto - Nothing is No, or Not Possible

A critical element that sets Sarem apart from its competitors is its motto, 'Nothing is No, or Not Possible', adds Sarah. Sarem has a background in finding a solution for even those students that have heard a resounding no from other counselling firms on account of their profile. Students that lack their basic first degree, and have been denied opportunities from many similar firms, have been able to achieve their goals with the help of Sarem. Sarem's proactive approach goes beyond the confines of normal working processes. They are available to help their students at all times, they have an active blog where students and other aspiring students can find answers to common queries, and they even send out periodic newsletters to keep all students updated with the latest news in overseas education.

Future Plans
Currently based in Ireland with an operations office in Chennai, Sarem is all set to launch a new branch in Bengaluru in the coming months. With this, they hope to expand their reach and cater to more students and stand by their side during the whole process of overseas education. They are also planning on launching a monthly webinar series wherein they would connect prospective students with experienced counsellors and university personnel to guide them about the entire overseas education process and what to look out for.