Rainbow Pre-School: Holistic Development through Play Way Learning & Value Education

Akila Balbale,Managing Director

Akila Balbale

Managing Director

Amidst the struggle between family and career, a mother often foregoes her career for her children. But with some reliable assistance, she could effectively handle both. Realizing the working mother’s feelings, Rainbow Pre-School (includes day care, playgroup, preschool and an after school club provides a stimulating and positive environment to their children so that they feel comfortable and happy all day – just like being at their own home.Creating a home away from home, the Pre-School explores the reservoir of talent within the little ones and polish their personality for holistic development.

Contemporary Creative Learning
Akila Balbale, Managing Director, Rainbow Pre-School,believes, “The young minds respond best when their inquisitiveness is triggered while playing. True learning happens when a child’s curiosity is triggered”. Established in 2007,this ISO certified Pre - School has been providing primary education with utmost care. It follows a structured, age-appropriate curriculum that caters to the children’s physical, cognitive, social, psycho motor, fine motor and and emotional development.
The child learns and grows in a holistic environment that fosters their creativity, interests, special needs and cultural backgrounds. This child-centric approach and play way methodology directs their beautiful minds into a mode of learning through stories, picture talk, art & craft, games and many more activities.

This child-centric approach and play way methodology directs their beautiful minds into a mode of learning through stories, picture talk, art & craft, games and many more activities.

In today’s contemporary setup, discipline and mannerism plays a crucial role in the over-all development of a child. Hence, every child at Rainbow is trained with proper table manners and lavatory habits,and is taught discipline during activities that help groom their over all personality. Like a tree that needs stable, strong roots to grow, the Pre-School also sets the foundation of value learning in their early years of education to act as a robust core for future.Every child at Rainbow learns about traditional values and cultural background along with modern curriculum.With initiatives like Step Ahead and Traditional Touch Programme,the Pre-School also emphasizes on life skills to prepare them for the world at large, besides mere academic education. Along side, the health and hygiene is given
utmost attention and the food provided to day care children is prepared in-house from high quality and healthy products.

Safe Shelter Akin to Home
School’s safety paraphernalia has always been of paramount importance. Rainbow maintains continuous communication with parents, practices emergency drills and follows proper security measures to make sure that every child inside the premise is secure.It bestows parents with peace of mind through an app that provides live video access of school and GPS-enabled buses to their mobiles. Along side, regular meetings and video conferences are conducted to keep the parents updated with the current education trends. They believe that each child is special and has his/her own level of understanding for which the teacher-student ratio of 1:20 is maintained; to provide personalized supervision in the formative years of education. Selected after rigorous examination and analysis, the teachers and supporting staff give personal attention to every child along with warmth and affection. Rainbow lays a perfect balance between play and study. “With a vision to transform children into active participants, letting them shape their world on their own, the fun- learning philosophy is followed,which not only makes the child confident but also prepares them for a formal setup of education in future,” asserts Akila. Also, parents need not worry about their child’s formal education, as Rainbow International School (CBSE affiliated) welcomes the little scholars to pursue their higher studies in an allied infrastructure of education.