Jumpstart Preschool : Nurturing the Future Trees to Safeguard Environment

Sneha Tapadia,  CEOThe preschool industry is expanding quickly. Early childhood is one of the most crucial areas to focus on because of the huge developmental milestone gap that parents are experiencing in the post pandemic scenario. Due to the enormous growth potential, this industry has a lot of possibilities for investment. Parents are concerned with their children's holistic development, ensuring that each form of multifaceted intelligence is effectively and evenly exposed to them. Schools have a wider role to play through a comprehensive approach. The manner Jumpstart will teach the upcoming generation will determine India's future in this period of schooling as it is attempting to create India 2050.

Jumpstart Preschool is a cutting-edge facility for child development. For more than 13 years, it has been disseminating goods in the early childhood education sector. The institute tries to make the first five years of a child's existence (which define the following years), as enriching as possible with a focus on maintaining each child's particular specialization. Also, it emphasizes children's overall growth and development. Jumpstart aims to provide children with the tools they need to become better people and future leaders who are inquisitive, empathic, communicative, inclusive, and accepting.

Jumpstart thinks every child possesses unbounded potential. By exposing children to as many various activities that are appropriate for their age as possible, Jumpstart can help them realize their boundless potential. The institute provides experiential learning leveraging the best teaching pedagogies, a 360-degree holistic

development program, and appropriate developmental activities, amidst child friendly facilities through a highly motivated team of educators and strong parent partnerships, deploying cutting-edge technology.

Jumpstart believes in preserving every child's uniqueness

Jumpstart focuses on the all around growth of children, encouraging their natural curiosity and enabling them to learn in a creative and unforced way. The main goal of this preschool is to help children understand how all of the delicate stages they experience in their early years are interdependent. Jumpstart employs the Play Way technique, the Montessori method, the Multiple Intelligence method, the Project method, the Glenn Doman method, and Experiential Learning. The importance of teaching approaches is highly valued at Jumpstart because they are crucial to a child's growth.

Jumpstart uses technology creatively to create interactive play spaces where children may explore a sensory floor that fosters both physical activity and cognitive growth, rather than using it to lock them in front of screens. Moreover, it makes efficient use of technology to assist parents in tracking the developmental milestones of their children using learning management systems. To help parents with their problems, Jumpstart also offers a parenting course. The institute was successful in leveraging the epidemic and elevating parenting to new levels. Jumpstart has been hosting the Online Parenting Summit for the past three years. This is India's largest, one-of-a-kind and only parenting summit.

Under Jumpstart's umbrella, there is also the Finer World Foundation, which holds the view that just one generation of good parenting can lead to a better and finer world. In addition to the assistance, support, and cross-sharing of best practices that were a lifesaver for all parents during the pandemic, this project embraced the online culture that was common during that time. "In the upcoming years, we hope to expand and spread goodwill in Tier-I, Tier-II, and Tier-III cities. We have the potential to grow and become one of the top preschool chains in the nation", concludes Sneha Tapadia.