Pippa Poppins: Charting a Path of Holistic Development for Young Minds as they take their Baby Steps into the World

 Ruchhi Bajaj Thakur,   DirectorIt is common knowledge that the contemporary education scenario in the world is so multifaceted and competitive that children need to start learning early, and that learning needs a soft but impactful introduction to the child’s raw and delicate mind. And this is what makes Pre-Primary Education essential for all children. In fact, according to research majority of brain growth and development takes place when children are very young, specifically between the ages of 0-5 years. This indicates that we must capitalize on these formative years by ensuring that children are engaged in playful and fun activities that stir both their spirit and their raw minds; the beginning of education has to be fun so that the child’s mind can easily merge with the process, instead of being overwhelmed with the idea of 'learning'.

Fulfilling the above-mentioned Herculean task is Pippa Poppins – a progressive, unique, and prominent preschool that intends to open tender minds to education in such a manner that children can easily sync their minds with the beginnings of learning! Pippa Poppins Delhi, directed by Ruchhi Bajaj Thakur and chaired by Varun Thakur, is dedicated to shaping the minds of young children and enabling them to progress and achieve excellence in their later years of schooling and life. Their approach is aimed at making children comfortable with the idea of learning and fostering an organic interest in education. A child needs to have both the inclination and the affinity to traverse the path of education. Pippa Poppins sows these seeds in young minds so that they blossom into prolific minds of tomorrow! This unique preschool achieves this goal by exposing a child’s mind to a whole new technique of learning; they emphasize connecting with a child’s mind and enhancing the child’s personality through experiential learning, incorporating a plethora of live activities that are aimed towards opening doors towards a child’s holistic development.

Pippa Poppins, in all of its set-ups, curriculum, and learning system, puts gigantic effort into developing a child mentally, socially, and emotionally so that the child starts taking baby steps towards becoming a well rounded individual of tomorrow. As Ruchi Bajaj Thakur, Director of Pippa Poppins aptly puts it, “We provide a whole array of early child care services from toddler care, play school, daycare flexi daycare, after school, and talent development classes. We at Pippa Poppins through our curriculum and experienced staff strive to
provide the best services and make a place for children where learning is fun.” The institution has five major development programs to fully nurture and prepare children before they embark on the next learning voyage of formal school education; the programs include Social Development, Intellectual Development, Pro-social Emotional Development, Creative Skill Development, and Concept Building.

Pippa Poppins, in all of its set-ups, curriculum, and learning system, puts gigantic effort into developing a child mentally, socially, and emotionally so that the child starts taking baby steps towards becoming a well rounded individual of tomorrow

Since Pippa Poppins believes in nurturing the mental,social, emotional, and intellectual aspects of a child’s persona, the preschool incorporates a lot of social inculcation and values toward life development that will shape the children’s relationship with their familial and social surroundings. Coming to intellectual development, Pippa Poppins works on the cognitive senses and functions of the child such as imagination, problem solving, reasoning, memory skills, observation, logical thinking, evaluation, and analysis. Apart from stimulating the logical side of their minds, the institution also works on the development of a child’s creative skills through role plays, dramas, visual art, and magic shows, among other things. Further, it is important for a child to be pro social a child’s positive self-image and relationship building with others are critical once a child enters formal school. The institution prepares a child for these very relationships with teachers and management, as well as dealing with co-students and being amiable enough to form a healthy relationships with them.

The Magicians Behind the Curtain
Now that the diverse and exemplary aspects of preprimary education at Pippa Poppins have been explored, here’s a peek into the people who are the foundation of this exceptional institution. Ruchi Bajaj Thakur and her husband Varun Thakur with the sole intent of making a difference in the overall development and grooming of young minds established Pippa Poppins in 2016. Varun Thakur, with his talent for following his dreams of entering the education arena and changing the lives of young toddlers, has made his wife Ruchi’s ambition a reality. Ruchi Thakur has extensive international experience conducting various training programs and seminars in early childhood education. She is a visionary with 12 years of experience in the education sector and thus, the vision and experience of this ambitious husband wife duo have shaped Pippa Poppins into a model institution.

The Success Story!
Pippa Poppins has grown significantly, making a name for itself, owing to the sheer dedication and leadership of Ruchi Thakur and Varun Thakur who built the institution from the ground up against all odds. Owing to the commitment and hard work of this dedicated couple and their team, Pippa Poppins currently has three centers, holding a strength of almost 350-500 students and has covered 4000 kids to date. And as it strives to reach new heights, Pippa Poppins is set to open two more branches in South Delhi within a year. And down the line, Pippa Poppins is planning to open at least 50 branches as well as venture into the formal school arena. The vision of Pippa Poppins and its creators with regard to their undeterred commitment to early education is beautifully summed up by Varun Thakur in simple words, “I believe that seeds of today are the trees of tomorrow. The little hands today will carry the weight of the world tomorrow. And for that tomorrow, we prepare today - the children today will become the torch bearers of tomorrow". He further adds, “Here, looking at you Pippa Poppins, and the brilliant tender minds that walk out of your gates to create a better tomorrow, both of themselves and the world”.