Little Chalks Preschool: Hosting Unique Infrastructure and Comprehensive Curriculum for Delightful Learning Experience

Anandi Gosranis& Natasha Mehta,Co-Founders
Anandi Gosranis& Natasha Mehta

Those times have changed when pre- schools were seen as a mere alternative solution of child care for working parents. Today, the concept of preschools has grown further; it implies that getting early childhood education is an essential element in making a good academic head start as well as developing social and emotional skills for children’s bright future. Studies show that children who attend high-quality preschool enter schools with better pre-reading skills, richer vocabularies and stronger basic math skills than those who do not. Amid the soaring popularity of preschools and daycares, however, parents are struggling to find a right preschool facility that could feature caring teachers, a comprehensive curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities and secured environment for their little ones. Giving priority to safety features and top-class infrastructure, Little Chalks Preschool efficiently fulfils all these requirements and has marked as one of the most sought-after preschools and daycares in Mumbai.

Little Chalks is a venture of ChalkBoard School Solutions, an educational services company that was formed in 2015 by Dr. Natasha Mehta. ChalkBoard aspires to promote the best educational
practices put forward by academicians and researchers all over the world, while empowering the academic field through its various offerings teacher education, student empowerment, curriculum designing and school consultancy. When Anandi Gosrani joined ChalkBoard in 2017, her passion for pre-school, vast experience and the desire to create an exceptional early childhood learning practice led to the founding of Little Chalks Preschool. “We did a lot of research and reading before setting the standards and best practices for our school. Our school is ‘designed like a home so that children truly feel at home'. Our team promises that the time spent by your precious children here will be the most beautiful and memorable part of their life. This is our mission,”Dr.Natasha Mehta, Co-Founder, Little Chalks, mentions.

Recognized for high-quality education and one-of its kind premium infrastructure, Little Chalks offers well structured and age appropriate learning programmes such as Play Group, Nursery, After School and Day Care with a special focus on the following development areas-communication and language development, literacy development, early mathematics, understanding the world, arts, personal social and emotional development and physical fitness. Anandi Gosrani, Co-Founder, Little Chalks explains, “Our curriculum draws strength from well researched child-centric approaches that enhance the natural intelligence of the child, foster independence and employ both structured and guided strategies in a fun-filled manner. Sometimes, the pace of learning can be different for every child.
So,an Individual Education Programme is made for each child and shared with the parents. Further, we combine the methodologies of play way such as Maria Montessori,Regio Emilia and Multiple Intelligence to create a holistic curriculum delivered through a balanced approach. This also prepares children for their transition into a more structured kindergarten.”

Dr. Natasha adds,“Our curriculum focuses on early years STEM learning. Our educational approach integrates opportunities to explore, question and build intellectual curiosity.”

Within a few months, Little Chalks received many positive responses from various community circles and parent groups in the city. Now, they are running the school in full capacity. While growing rapidly, the school is also planning for more improvement and development. “We’ve already stepped into the teaching field; Little Chalks has introduced a special Early Child Care and Education Diploma with certificate of completion from D’Youville College, School of Education, New York,USA. At the same time, we are working on Chalkboard Shishya Programmes, where children will be given special training on perseverance, emotional intelligence and social dexterity. Further, we wish to replicate Little Chalks’ success story in places which yet do not have access to quality education. We want to offer this high quality education to children across different socio-economic spectrums. Our future models will be based on the concept of ‘Neighbourhood Schools’- small units that cater to children in the immediate neighbourhood- a school, where children can simply walk into,”Dr.Natasha concludes.