Happy Minds International: Providing a Safe and Nurturing Learning Environment for the Young Ones

Sonia Chugh,Founder
Sonia Chugh, Founder

According to a new study by the McKinsey Global Institute, India can increase its 2025GrossDomestic Product(GDP), estimated around $4.83 trillion, from 16 percent to 60 percent simply by enabling women to participate in the economy on par with men. However, though the role of women has changed in the society. With increasing modernization the issue of childcare still remains a major concern for the duplex income families. Established with the aim to lend a helping hand to the working parents, Happy Minds International(HMI)is an acclaimed preschool and day care that strives to meet the highest international standards of parents who seek nothing but the best for their little ones.

The idea for HMI was germinated when its founder Sonia Chugh, a working mom herself, was hunting for a daycare and a playschool for her daughter. With none of the pre-school meeting her exact requirements, it was then she conceived the idea for Happy Minds International,a playschool and day care that believes that high quality early childhood care and education is fundamental to leading personally

fulfilling, successful and rewarding lives. Every child at HMI receives the best education, the best diet
and the best care. Based on Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences,Happy Minds International curriculum encourages children to become critical thinkers and lifelong learners through activity based programs. The daycare also emphasizes on imparting stimulating learning experiences which are focused on the strengths and needs of the individuals.

"Based On Howard Gardner’s Theory Of Multiple Intelligences Happy Minds International Curriculum Encourages Children To Become Critical Thinkers And Lifelong Learners Through Activity Based Programs"

“We believe in holistic pattern of learning. Usually parents and educators tend to impose labels on children while assessing their intelligence. These labels can be very harmful for the development of a child. So, instead of conceiving intelligence as a score on a test, we need to start accepting it as a fluid and dynamic concept and tailor our education system to reflect it. Happy Minds International offers various types of programmes including daycare, infant care, play group, nursery, junior kindergarten, senior kindergarten, after school programmes and many more. Happy Minds

International is proud to be the only day care in Mumbai that takes in infants as young as four months and provides them the love and nurture that they need. Babies are taught to take their first steps. Toddlers are introduced to the joys of learning words, colours,shapes, dance and music, physical exercise and much more, using the Howard Gardner Theory of
Multiple Intelligence. Preschoolers learn from the most advanced curriculum the International Baccalaureate(IB) curriculum. Further the daycare also provides a full day live CCTV access of the kids,”says Sonia Chugh, Founder, Happy Minds International.

"Happy Minds International Is Proud To Be The Only Day Care In Mumbai That Takes In Infants As Young As Four Months And Provides Them The Love And Nurture That They Need"

As a memberof NAEYC(NationalAssociation for the Education of Young Children), Happy Minds International aims to provide superior quality day care to children, helping them achieve their full potential, while empowering mothers to focus on their careers free from guilt or worry. HMI had started with one child and now is proud to

pronounce that more than 150 infants have grown up at HMI where parents no more have to take a break and could comfortably focus on their work. HMI is growing at a fast pace and envisions to take it further. In the coming days, firm also aspires to open more preschools and child care centres. Happy Minds International was rewarded as best preschool in the central line for the year 2018,hoping to take it to the national level.